The story of Ruud van Nistelrooy and his goal-shaking kick

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“A figure who is considered lazy to the point of being hated by his teammates.”

1NEWS – Ruud van Nistelrooy was often referred to as a one-trick pony during his heyday at Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy was a brilliant figure in scoring goals, his trademark being his headers and powerful shots on goal.

Measurable hard kick that goes into the corner of the goal, so it is out of reach of the goalkeeper. In the Nistelrooy era, a goal that went into the net at least once every game was played at Wembley.

If you were standing behind the goal when Nistelrooy scored, then you would see how the opponent’s goal net shook violently because of the impact of the ball that Nistelrooy kicked.

Nevertheless, Nistelrooy is the player who is universally despised by his team-mates. He is a lazy player on the pitch, he just waits for the ball to come to him then takes chances to score.

Van Nistelrooy is always successful in scoring at every opportunity. Even so, Van Nistelrooy’s behavior cannot be considered good. Football is about teamwork, not just waiting for a golden opportunity to score goals.

When discussing big names like Gary Lineker, Miroslav Klose, and Javier Hernandez, then compare them with Van Nistelrooy. Thus, there is a significant difference in their ability to build cooperation within the team when competing.

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Watching back footage of Van Nistelrooy’s performance makes you wonder if he knew there were 80 yards or more available for him to play alongside his team-mates in the game.

For many of his goals, he played absolutely no role in building the attack. The Dutch icon was not seen in the shot until the last second, he just pounced with a simple finish and then scored.

Running towards the ball in what looked like perfect position, the kind of area where Alan Shearer would bounce a corner or Thierry Henry would open his body to curl into the far corner, while Van Nistelrooy would take it straight away, two, three touches away, pushing himself as close as possible. maybe to the penalty box area.

Sometimes this means he seems to be going nowhere, sprinting forward into seemingly impossible corners, only to surprise the goalkeeper with a sudden foot kick across the goal or slightly to the near post on the outside of his foot.

Van Nistelrooy’s goals for Manchester United mostly came from Ryan Giggs or David Beckham who managed to create golden opportunities in the defense area 10 yards from the opponent’s goal. Nistelrooy just stuck to the opponent’s defense line and waited for the ball to come to him.

It almost didn’t matter where Van Nistelrooy was when they crossed, or how many defenders were around him. If they put it there, he would get it first.

It’s a very simple method, although it doesn’t look like it’s possible to get as close as possible to scoring a goal and getting it in. This is a 12 year old’s conception of a good up front game. However, Nistelrooy successfully applied the method in producing goals.

The record for beating the best

As the most successful team in England for the last 25 years, Manchester United has been home to some of the best strikers world football has seen in recent decades. However, Van Nistelrooy’s goal record beat them all.

The former Dutchman has scored more Premier League goals with 95 more goals than any Manchester United player, with the exception of all-time leading goalscorer Wayne Rooney. Nistelrooy has a better goals per game ratio than any other player of 0.63 per game.

Van Nistelrooy’s first three seasons saw him score at least 30 goals in all competitions. He scored at least 20 goals in each of his five Premier League seasons except for 2004/2005 when he only played 17 games through injury.

Extending the comparison across the Premier League, Van Nistelrooy’s minutes per goal (128.2) is better than everyone except Sergio Aguero (106 minutes per goal), Thierry Henry (121.8) and, Adam Le Fondre (124.3).

As we all heard popular news about him, Van Nistelrooy also set a Premier League record for scoring goals in consecutive games (10) in 2003.

Jamie Vardy also broke that record, but it took Lionel Messi to break Van Nistelrooy’s goalscoring record in seven consecutive La Liga games, which he won with Real Madrid in 2007.

His record at the Bernabeu is even better than in England, especially as Nistelrooy scored 46 goals in 68 La Liga games for Los Merengues. The number of goals that closed his career before one year coaching in Hamburg and Malaga.

All of that was done by Nistelrooy after overcoming a career-destroying anterior cruciate ligament injury. The injury kept him out for a year and delayed his move to Old Trafford.

So, with such a prolific record, why isn’t Van Nistelrooy rated higher?

The most famous part of a Nistelrooy is his hard kick as well as Michael Owen, even Sergio Aguero. We find it difficult to judge with certainty the players whose only contribution was their goals, rather than their overarching work ethic.

Difficulties experienced

Another factor was that he was just a hard guy to approach. He developed a reputation among fans and among rivals for acting and complaining to referees. Best exemplified in the famous goalless draw with Arsenal ahead of the start of the 2003/2004 Gunners season.

Van Nistelrooy was so hostile to Arsenal’s players throughout the game, especially with the historic action that saw Patrick Vieira sent off, that his missed penalty in injury time prompted Martin Keown to be furious.

His tendency to silence people also shows up at the practice site. Towards the end of the 2005/2006 season, the Dutchman was constantly frustrated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s delay in passing the ball as he kept him guessing his runs.

After Van Nistelrooy kicked Ronaldo following one of their frequent fights at the training ground, Rio Ferdinand responded in kind on behalf of the Portuguese youth. That defense saw Van Nistelrooy swing a hard punch at Ferdinand. Van Nistelrooy was then sold to Real Madrid just a few weeks later.

However, the biggest factor is probably all of its brilliance. Van Nistelrooy was at the wrong time. He arrived too late to be part of the treble-winning Cole-Yorke-Solskjaer-Sheringham combination, but too soon for the sensational Rooney-Ronaldo-Tevez forward line.

Five years on either side of Van Nistelrooy’s time at Old Trafford resulted in eight league titles in total. However, during his five-year spell at Old Trafford, they won it only once.

(muhammad alkautsar/yul)

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