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For most people, breeding rats is disgusting and unattractive. In addition to wild animals, rats also include dirty animals and have a very sharp smell. However, who would have thought that Suwaji, a white rat breeder from Malang, managed to become a successful breeder.

It is natural if we meet a breeder of cattle, goats, rabbits, hamsters, and mammals that are commonly bred. However, not many people are aware of the great opportunities in white rat farming that are rarely seen by the public. What kind of business is Mr. Suwaji doing?

An athlete who decided to become a rat breeder

Suwaji (54), a man from Malang, has succeeded in becoming a white rat breeder. At his home, which is located on Jalan Sudimoro Gang VI, Mojolangu, Lowokwaru, Malang, he has been running a white rat business for the past 13 years.

Suwaji while showing his pet white mouse [sumber gambar]

Who would have thought, Suwaji, who wanted to wrestle with the world of mice, used to be a provincial junior boxer. He had entered the world of boxing at the age of 22 years. However, he decided to leave the career after having a family and becoming a casual worker. In 2008, he saw a white rat business opportunity that was in great demand.

Constraints faced by Mr. Suwaji in the rat business

Of course, it is not an easy thing to market white rats. When he started his business, Suwaji only had three rats, two females and one male. It is not an easy thing because of the obstacles in finding the target market. Finally, he found a community of reptiles that in fact desperately needed white rats for food.

Suwaji is observing the cultivated mice [sumber gambar]

Not only the market, Suwaji also had time to get rejected by local residents. Of course, residents are worried about the rats that could wander into nearby houses. However, the residents slowly accepted the business after Suwaji had a permanent cage.

Interesting business

Why is the white rat business to be reckoned with? According to Suwaji, white rat care is quite easy. Rat feed is easy to obtain, the cage is enough to be cleaned once a week while spraying with disinfectant and medicine. Not only that, very cheap capital, and a fairly fast harvest time are also a plus in this business.

Suwaji feeds the rats [sumber gambar]

In addition, this business is rarely popular so it sells faster in the market. White rats themselves are usually needed for research objects for medical students and also the main feed in zoos. In fact, Suwaji became a permanent supplier for UMM campus and Eco Green Park Batu tourism.

Can pay for their children’s school thanks to this business

There are 3 types of rats being bred by Suwaji, namely mice, wistars, and house mice. In a day, he is able to supply 300-400 rats. For this type of house mouse, it can be sold at a price of Rp. 100 thousand. Meanwhile, mice and wistar can be sold for around Rp. 60,000 which is usually used for research materials.

Illustration of a mouse for research material [sumber gambar]

From the rats, Suwaji was able to send his two sons to college. As the Chair of the Cadre Education Council (MPK) for the Mojolangu Branch of Muhammadiyah, he can also help with the operational costs of the Mojolangu PRM.

Suwaji farm conditions during the pandemic

Suwaji is tenacious. In addition to mice, he also keeps 8 types of pythons and birds in his house. Unfortunately, during the current pandemic, his rat farm is in decline, because Suwaji is sick and has to take care of all the rats alone.

When Suwaji checked the rat cage, he saw several empty places [sumber gambar]

He also decided to sell all the rats and leave about 25 percent of the existing 7,000 heads, although market demand is still high. Now, Mr. Suwaji is starting to develop the business again. He began to return tobreeding rats and filled the many empty cages.

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White rats can turn out to be a lucrative business and can bring in a hefty income. In fact, raising white rats is not much different from other businesses. It takes persistence to do it.

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