There is an application with a ‘panic button’ that can help stroke patients | 1NEWS

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Has a “Panic Button” feature

This application has several excellent features such as the Panic Button which was developed with the Ministry of Health. If you press this button, the user will be connected to an operator who is available 24 hours.

The operator will align the user’s location with the nearest ambulance so that they can immediately pick up the patient and take the patient to the nearest stroke-ready hospital. The Panic Button ensures that stroke patients are given help as quickly as possible at the right hospital.

“Treatment must be done quickly because the Golden Hour period is a crucial time span and if patients get the right treatment during this time, the risk of permanent disability and death can be reduced,” said dr. Siti Khalimah, Director of Referral Health Services, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia on the same occasion.

Stroke patients, according to dr. Temmy Winata, Head of Medical Angels Initiative in Indonesia, must immediately receive treatment at a stroke-ready hospital. The hospital is equipped with important facilities such as CT Scans and medicines, as well as an Acute Stroke Team (ACT) which is trained to provide care.

“When treated at a stroke center that follows the best standard of care, patients have a better chance of surviving and leading a disability-free life,” said dr. Temmy.

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