Tottenham Hotspurs Still Interested in Takehiro Tomiyasu

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1NEWS – This year’s summer transfer window is almost closed, but Tottenham Hotspur are not done with a number of their missions. Until now, there are still many players on the Spurs radar that they still haven’t been able to hook up. One of them was Takehiro Tomiyasu, the player they had once chased.

Spurs Focus on Defenders

After achieving unsatisfactory achievements in the 2020/2021 season, Tottenham Hotspur seems to really want to improve in the 2021/2022 season. The seriousness of Spurs rising this season can be seen from the way they move in the summer transfer market. Spurs are noted to have put many names on their transfer radar.

Since the arrival of Fabio Paratici as the new technical director, Spurs have really focused on finding additional ammunition for the defensive sector. Many names have already been pocketed by Paratici. But of the many targets he has bagged, Paratici only got one of them, namely Cristian Romero from Atalanta.

Haven’t Give Up Get Tomiyasu

Apart from Cristian Romero, Paratici has many other defender options, and one of them is Takehiro Tomiyasu. From the start, Paratici is said to have made Tomiyasu one of his main targets. However, the difficulty of negotiating with the club that owns the player, Bologna is rumored to have made Spurs and Paratici withdraw regularly.

Initially, Bologna was said to be willing to release Tomiyasu if a club dared to pay a dowry of 15 million pounds. However, not long after that, Bologna increased his dowry. Spurs who wanted the previous dowry did not seem to agree with Bologna’s decision, and negotiations between the two continued to be tough.

Negotiations between Bologna and Spurs may have been tough before, and some media may have reported that the Spurs have given up on Tomiyasu. However, recently, news emerged that the Spurs had not actually raised the white flag. Although previously failed to agree with Bologna, Spurs still don’t seem to want to give up.

As quoted from TEAMtalk, The Telegraph journalist, Mike McGrath revealed that there is still the possibility of Tomiyasu joining the Spurs. McGrath said Tomiyasu could still move to Spurs, right at the time of the transfer deadline. The journalist also said that negotiations between Spurs and Bologna are currently running smoothly.

Until now, Tomiyasu himself has not strengthened Bologna because he gets more rest after completing his duties at the Olympics. However, Tomiyasu’s future will be decided soon. It’s just a matter of seeing whether the Japanese player will be wearing the red-blue Bologna costume again, or wearing the white-style Spurs costume.

Profit and Loss For Spurs and Tomiyasu

One of the things that makes Tottenham Hotspur interested in Tomiyasu is because the Japanese player is a versatile player. Tomiyasu is a defender who can play as a center back, but can also be plotted as a right back. He is also familiar with the defender scheme, the scheme commonly used by Spurs coach Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo.

Romero’s arrival will be very useful, especially after Toby Alderweireld left for Qatari club Al-Duhail. However, Spurs still need one more defender, and that player must be able to play at right-back as well. Tomiyasu can also be Spurs’ answer to this problem.

The presence of Tomiyasu at the back can also improve the quality of the Spurs defense which has been criticized by various parties. Not only positive for Spurs, Tomiyasu’s transfer will also have a positive impact on the player himself. By joining Spurs, Tomiyasu will automatically have the opportunity to shine in the Premier League.

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