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The inspirational story of a vegetable seller who was able to go for Umrah at his own expense went viral on social media recently. The greengrocer can even take his wife along and take the Umrah package by staying at a 5-star hotel.

In an upload shared by the Instagram account @semangat.umat, Thursday (20/5/2021) a vegetable seller sat in front of a customer’s house.

It was the customer who finally told how the vegetable seller named Pak Warji was able to go for Umrah by saving his own sweat.

At first the customer asked why the vegetable seller was rarely seen peddling his wares. The middle-aged man then admitted that he and his wife had just returned from Umrah.

“With my wife, ma’am.. Both of us.. Pay myself.. I save a year.. Take the 26 million package.. 5 star hotel. The bus is also good.
I sometimes save 5 million a month, sometimes 2 million… Well, as best as I can.. In our village, 6 people go with the neighbors,” said the vegetable seller.

Hearing the story, the customer was surprised and amazed. He then asked whether the money used for Umrah was purely from selling vegetables or if there were other businesses.

It turned out that the vegetable seller had a food stall business and agricultural land in the village. That’s where the main income comes from.

Reading this inspiring story, netizens then wrote various comments. Most of them were amazed by the figure of a vegetable seller who was successful in doing business but was unpretentious.

“Selling is really a passion, I don’t think too much about what is important to fill my spare time,” wrote a netizen with a telebetis account.

“The spirit is exemplary.. let it be strong.. the appearance is still simple…. masyaAlloh tabarokalloh,” wrote another netizen with the account eniwidiyati87.

“Masha Allah, I’m ashamed that I’m still young,” wrote a netizen with the bebbypinkk account.

“Masha Allah.. Hopefully it can also be like Pak Warji. Free of usury, you can go for Umrah and make your family happy… amen, Robb,” wrote another netizen with the wulan_hesty account.

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