Used to only sell meatballs at school, this young man is now achieving success, his story makes Haru – 1NEWS

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There are so many stories about the struggle and sacrifice of a person to achieve success. Of course, this can inspire all of us, not to be afraid to have dreams and not to hesitate to make them come true. Like this young man, who started his success from selling poor meatballs at school.

This young man named Muhammad Fikri shared a story on his TikTok account @human.ratarata, about his journey to achieve success at a young age.

Since school, Fikri has not been shy about carrying his Malang meatball cart. Wearing a uniform, he sells during school breaks, and goes around after school hours are over.

“Every day I have to get up at 4 am to prepare everything (cooking, etc.). Going to school while carrying merchandise using a motorbike, wearing a school uniform,” he wrote in the video.

When other students play and fill their stomachs during recess, Fikri chooses to sell. After recess is over, he steals time to eat in class. Not only on school days, even during holidays he still sells poor meatballs in the market for extra pocket money.

Of course, this effort does not always run smoothly. In fact, according to him, his motorbike and cart had caught fire because a friend had a prank on him. Due to the lack of rest, he also suffers frequent nosebleeds.

However, his hard work paid off. Thanks to the support and prayers of his parents, Fikri was finally able to open a meatball shop in Malang. He was also able to study on a scholarship until his business continued to grow.

Currently, he is known as a motivator who is often invited as a speaker at several entrepreneurship seminars. Until he was invited to a talkshow program on private television with Deddy Corbuzier.

“Receiving an entrepreneurial scholarship from Mien R. Uno, you can buy a car with the results of your own hard work, even if it’s just an ordinary car,” he said.

This story is so attractive to netizens that it makes many of them feel inspired. The video to date has been viewed more than 3.5 million times with various comments.

“This is just inspiring. His struggle is worth emulating. Remember the world is hard, those who don’t want to fight will be left behind. Let’s rise from lying down,” wrote @afexxx01.

“The key to success, my father said, “don’t be prestige”, because if you have prestige, it’s difficult to carry out,” said @kalxxx_1.

“Don’t be ashamed to sell, be ashamed when we don’t have income,” said @radxxx_zi.

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