Visiting the Training Ground, Edy Rahmayadi Gives Snack Money to the PSMS Squad | 1NEWS

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The Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi, for the umpteenth time again visited the PSMS Medan practice at the Mini Garden Flower Stadium, Medan, Friday (27/8/21) afternoon.

The presence of the former PSSI general chairman provided advice and motivation to Rachmad Hidayat and his friends who were preparing to welcome the 2021 Liga 2 rollout.

The man who served as the PSMS Advisory Board gave a little extra pocket money to the players.

“Here I give you money. Because I know how footballers are. This is for encouragement in practicing in order to give maximum results,” he said.

On that occasion, Edy also asked how many balls are available here. This was immediately answered by PSMS Manager, Mulyadi Simatupang, who accompanied Edy, stating that there were 60 balls.

“Okay, I’ll add 80 more balls later you pump yourself and the players have to be able to practice on their own. This ball is for all players to be even more enthusiastic in training,” he said.

Furthermore, the former Kostrad Commander appealed that all players of Kinantan Chicken, nicknamed PSMS, are expected to have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before League 2, while asking who has and has not been vaccinated twice.

“For those who haven’t been there twice, the vaccine will come here later, don’t let them go there,” said Edy to Mulyadi.

It didn’t stop there, the retired three-star general again questioned the availability of supplements or vitamins for players. But suddenly answered at the same time the players have run out.

The CEO of PSMS Medan also questioned the players’ supplements.

“Do you guys have any supplements? And do you still have honey and have you consumed it?” Asked Edy Rahmayadi.

“What are you guys doing when you run out of supplements and honey. Later, please provide supplements and honey for all players (PSMS) and the team is fulfilled to maintain the health of the players, “he concluded.


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