Want to be attracted to auto crush, use these 4 lipsticks, ladies

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1NEWS – Usually women always look perfect to attract the attention of their crush on the first date. One thing that should not be missed is lipstick or lipstick.

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Bold or thick lipstick color seems to be a sign that you are the type of person who is always confident and aggressive. In addition, dark colors can also attract the attention of your interlocutor. Most men will be attracted to this type of woman.

Here are four favorite lipstick colors that you should know, reported by Pop Sugar.

1. Orange Bold

If you like the combination of coral and bright red, consider switching to the next color in the orange spectrum. Although it looks very bright on the lips, orange is actually quite universal.

There are many ways to get the orange color spectrum.

Peach-tone neutrals or firey red-orange are two options that instantly brighten up your look with one application.

2. Sharp Violet

The combination of purple and pink is a new favorite color in 2020. For women who want to be the center of attention, this purple lipstick will give an upgrade to the lips to add a glamorous impression.

Between lavender and ultraviolet shades, the magenta is the best in the world.

3. Black Burgundy

The combination of maroon and dark purple will make a bold burgundy color. This color looks like wine which is very suitable for party events at night.

This wine lipstick is perfect for dark skinned women. It can also be combined with various styles, such as top off clothing, metallic earrings to make it look sexy.

4. Classic Red

All women agree that classic red lipstick has the power to heal a bad day and make you feel super confident.

Although some women don’t like red and choose nude colors, the trend on Instagram shows that this color still tends to be hype among beauty lovers.

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