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Still in the spirit of commemorating the 76th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence, Netflix together with the DJ duo Diskoria presented a special performance to celebrate the best Indonesian films available on streaming platform this. As arranger and producer, Merdi Simandjuntak and Fadli Aat from discoria showing their signature retro touch in the new song Kristo Immanuel, whose lyrics are compiled from the titles of well-known Indonesian films.

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“The August issue of Netflix Pensi is even more special because it specifically provides highlights Indonesian films that can finally be assembled into a song, thanks to Diskoria’s collaboration with Kristo,” said Merdi regarding their collaboration with content creator Kristo.

Fadli Aat said the same thing and expressed his appreciation to Netflix for providing space for quality Indonesian films.

Pensi Netflix is ​​content that regularly appears on the Indonesian Netflix YouTube channel, presenting Kristo in musical performances about various new titles that will be broadcast on Netflix. For this latest collaboration, the music video shows Kristo as a student in a class presenting an assignment on Indonesian films to a guest teacher, played by Merdi and Aat. The presentation then turned into an exciting show and brought the entire class into a parallel disco universe. Nostalgia comes in full thanks to clothes vintage worn and all the characters were fun to dance.

“My collaboration project with Netflix super fun! I was given the freedom to write songs and give directions,” Kristo shared about his creative process. “Plus, I’m proud to be able to put so many film titles into one musical. I can also work with Diskoria. So far, I have loved listening to his work and didn’t expect to be able to collaborate and make video concepts with vibe disco.”

Various Indonesian film titles mentioned in this song include: Sherina’s Adventure, Later we will talk about today, What’s with love?, Gundala and Mariposa, part of a series of Indonesian films with various genres such as drama, romance, family, comedy, and action available on Netflix.

Netflix original films that are also mentioned in this song include Ali & Queen Queens globally released as well as romantic comedies A Perfect Fit.

Here’s the Pensi Netflix music video


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