WinWin WayV Known To Adopt A Abandoned Kitten By Lucas? | Kpop Chart

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Rumors about Lucas resurfaced, which stated that the WayV member had abandoned a cat.

This was reported through a twitter account with the username, @ONHAVE_2021 which said that Lucas was going to give a kitten to seduce a woman, the fifth person who claimed to be Lucas’ ex.

But the gift of the kitten was rejected by the fifth woman and Lucas ended up adopting the kitten, but didn’t care and took care of it. “When Lucas went to Korea, he abandoned the cat so now WinWin is the one who looks after and takes care of the cat”, replied ONHAVE_2021 via his tweet.

This rumor was also added with evidence from the testimony of another witness who inserted photos of Wong Yuk Hei alias Lucas in front of the pet shop,

“Recently, [saya] saw ‘Running Man’ member Wong Yuk-hei in Beijing. On that day, Wong Yuk-hei who arrived in Beijing in a hurry, got into the car and arrived at the pet shop. directions given by an employee, he entered the pet shop. After a while, Wong Yuk-hei came back out holding a bag filled with pets. Inside the bag, there seems to be one white kitten. Wong Yuk-hei, who got out first, held the door for the staff member and he and his acquaintances got into the car.”

South Korean netizens also responded to this by saying that WinWin was too good with Lucas and asked him to stay away from the WayV member. (1NEWS)

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