Yuna ITZY Mentioned as the Singer Behind the Latest Game Promotion Song ‘DokeV’ | Kpop Chart

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Recently, through Gamescom 2021, one of South Korea’s leading game companies, Pearl Abyss released a trailer for their latest game ‘DokeV’ accompanied by the song ‘ROCKSTAR’.

‘ROCKSTAR’ which was released for the game was first heard in December 2019, which is produced by GALACTIKA, the brain behind ITZY’s popular songs, namely ‘DALLA DALLA’, ‘Wannabe’ and their upcoming song ‘LOCO’.

The singer behind the song ‘ROCKSTAR’ is getting attention because he has a bubbly voice, similar to ITZY’s youngest member, Yuna.

Yuna is believed to have made a solo debut through the song ‘ROCKSTAR’ which she performed under a pseudonym, Luena.

This was also done by another idol who worked with GALACTIKA, Yuna AOA, who used the pseudonym e.NA.

How do you feel after listening to the song ‘ROCKSTAR’ below? (1NEWS)

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