Zoya Amirin Kuaks The Key To Playing An Old & Delicious Love, It Turns Out..

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1NEWS – Clinical psychologist Zoya Amirin often shares educational tips about bed activities. One of them is how to play love can be long and delicious.

Zoya then gives an illustration of a mindful and mindful mind. Mindful mind is a condition in which our brain is filled with many things that make it difficult for us to concentrate.

This first condition will not make a love play session with a partner a pleasant experience.

“(While) mindfulness is here and now. Where our bodies are, make sure that our hearts and minds are also there,” he explained in a video uploaded to Zoya Amirin’s YouTube channel, April 3, 2020.

In the context of playing love with a partner, mindful conditions are where our hearts and bodies are completely there, so that we are able to be familiar with every process that occurs.

“This is what then helps your love play session to be more enjoyable,” he said.

Because according to him, the mind that is not focused when doing bed activities with a partner can have an impact on several things. One of them is the delay in reaching the peak or delay in ejaculation.

“Oh, why do you feel like this? It turns out that because his heart is with someone else, his mind is at work,” he explained.

Such conditions according to Zoya will greatly affect the love play session with a partner.

“If we worry a lot about what will happen tomorrow, we will feel nervous. While thinking too much about yesterday will cause anxiety,” he continued.

Zoya said, mindfulness itself is a state of awareness about the present that makes us enjoy the processes that are happening to us and around us.

“Let’s manage our fear of imagining playing love won’t last long and so on. If we continue to worry about these things, it is certain that playing love will not be good,” concluded Zoya Amarin.

Up in arms..! Take a look at this video:

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