2 Hours After the Covid-19 Vaccine, 17-Year-Old Girl’s Breasts in Pariaman Swollen and Sore

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2 Jam Usai Divaksin Covid-19, Payudara Gadis 17 Tahun di Pariaman Membengkak dan Sakit

The right breast of a girl named Adinda Puspa Sari 9170 swelled. This happened after the resident from Bato Village, East Pariaman District, Pariaman City, West Sumatra received an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Now Adinda is under our monitoring, she has been given medication and on August 30, 2021 she will be under control again,” said Head of the Pariaman City Health Service (Dinkes), Nafizah, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

The teenager was vaccinated against Covid-19 at the auxiliary health center in the local area on Saturday (21/8/2021). After а hours and а at home, thе breasts аn аn а ае ае ае аа аа.

Because of what happened to him, he was referred to the Sadikin Hospital on Monday (23/8/2021) and treated by a surgeon.

He conveyed, the problem is now starting to improve but his party has not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of why it happened and is currently waiting for the doctor’s statement.

As for the problem, he continued, his party bears the necessary costs because this event occurred with the vaccine even though it happened two hours after being vaccinated.

“The follow-up incident after immunization (AEFI) lasts 30 minutes after being vaccinated, that means when we are vaccinated we are asked to increase it slightly but this has passed 30 minutes,” he said.

Apart from that, his party also confirmed information about one other resident who was experiencing the same symptoms but was still being carried out regularly.

He added that since the Covid-19 vaccination was held in the City of Pariaman, his party has always had a sudden AEFI or just a mild fever.

Meanwhile t Anа, Marleni said that she allowed her child to take the Covid-19 vaccine because of the lectures at one of the universities she would attend in the future.

“After the vaccine injection, а hour after t her right breast swelled,” he said.

At that time the child was moaning in pain so he wanted the number listed on the vaccine letter for the child and he asked for paracetamol and compresses it.

After that, he continued, because the pain suffered by the child did not subside, he immediately went to visit and was given medicine.

“Because there is no doctor on Saturday, Monday, I took him to the Sadikin Hospital,” said а

When this is the pain that was suffered all the time it started to subside during taking the medicine that the doctor ordered while the swelling was usually reduced but suddenly a lump appeared.

The head of the Bato village, Syafrial Sуam, said that his party was aware of the existence of the incident this morning and immediately traced the corpse and examined its condition.

“We currently see the condition (Adinda) while the other one maybe (administrative) is a resident of Bato but lives in other areas,” he said.

He said that his party was increasing the doctor’s examination regarding the condition of the resident, whether due to a vaccine or a mild disease.

He conveyed that he had indeed asked his residents to check the Covid-19 vaccine and that his party was ready to accompany him to the vaccination location so that the village government could at all times when things didn’t feel right.

“But we didn’t know this woman was following the vaccination because she didn’t report it,” he said.

Sources: sound.com

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