5 Medina Zein Clarification Points Billed in Payment for Hermes Bags by Rachel Vennya

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1NEWSMedina Zein back into the spotlight of netizens. He was billed by Rachel Vennya’s celebgram for the payment for a branded bag he bought some time ago. What is Medina’s defense this time?

Friday (27/8) Medina shared an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) photo while carrying a branded bag on her Instagram. He greets his followers through the photo caption column.

“Hi burberry gangs,” he said.

Unexpectedly Rachel Vennya also commented through the comments column. Not commenting on Medina’s appearance. The widow of two children actually asked Medina to pay the full payment.

“I’m waiting for today, please pay me my money,” said Rachel Vennya.

Netizens were immediately excited. They are busy accusing Medina Zein of all kinds of things without knowing the problem first. Saturday (28/8) afternoon, Medina finally opened his voice. Through Insta Story, he explained what actually happened according to his version.

Here is Medina Zein’s explanation:

1. Just Misunderstood

“Hey, Gucci gangs, it’s already crowded early in the morning when you wake up already, puspa rina, puspa rina, lots of DMs and mentions of me. Actually, nothing happened. Rachel and I just had a misunderstanding,” Medina opened the clarification.

2. Buy and Sell Hermes Bags

“The point is that Rachel, at that time, bought the bag with me who was Ostrich, K25 Ostrich if I’m not mistaken. I WhatsApp her whether she wanted to be sold or not. She said she wanted to sell it. And finally after the transaction there was a misunderstanding, because the transfer didn’t come in, the funds back to me. I don’t know how, the BRI didn’t come in,” said the woman who is known for the collection of branded bags.

3. Reasons Not Paid

“Rachel checked that the transfer didn’t come in. Well, that’s how I transferred it to Rachel two days ago. Because the BCA m-banking limit is only IDR 100 million a day, right, while the transfer was IDR 380 million. Yesterday I transferred 200 million, only Rp. 180 million. Yesterday I fell asleep, I was happy. So you don’t have to be busy, “said Medina Zein

4. Already Paid Yesterday

“The continuation has already transferred everything to me. Because last night I overslept, rude. So
no need to be crowded anymore, excited again. Netizens are making it really hot today. It’s hot today, making it hotter, more excited, be careful if there’s a scene,” said Medina, who once had a feud with Irwansyah and Zaskia Sungkar.

5. Stop Terror

“Don’t terrorize my friends, my brothers, anyone who has anything to do with me, netizens! That’s my business, okay. So stop, stop! Medina exclaimed as he lay on the thighs of a woman playing on a cell phone.


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