8 Hollywood Artists Who Turned Out To Be K-Pop Fans. Proof that Asian Culture is Global~

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Today, Hollywood is not the single largest entertainment industry in the world. Slowly but surely, Korean pop culture from drama to music began to be known and loved by many people. Not only in Indonesia, things that smell like K-Pop are also liked by the people of the United States. This is quite miraculous considering the country has Hollywood and a much bigger music industry.

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K-pop fame is certainly not a strange thing. The ginseng industry players are known to have fanatical fans and often appear in prestigious international events. As a result, not a few Hollywood artists are also fond of K-Pop. Who are you? Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the list of Hollywood artists who are K-Pop fans below!

1. First there is the famous actor Ryan Reynolds. The superhero actor Dead Pool actually likes to listen to K-Pop songs, you know. In an interview, Ryan mentioned that Korean songs are often played by him and his children

Ryan Reynolds/Credit: YouTube @Access

2. Emma Stone is a very famous Hollywood actress. Who would have thought that the actress had once admitted to being very obsessed with K-Pop, especially the boyband BTS. This he admitted in an interview

Emma Stones/Credit: YouTube KOCOWA TV

3. Shawn Mendes really admires moves dance complex that commonly appears in K-Pop music. As a fan, he feels proud to have met the boy band BTS and formed a friendship with them

Shawn Mendes/Credit: YouTube @Radio Disney

4. Chloe Grace Moretz is a famous former child actress in Hollywood. In fact, Chloe is a K-Pop fan and often goes to South Korea. He even often supports girl groups and boy bands by buying their albums and merchandise. Hello!

Chloe/Credit: Twitter @ChloeGMoretz

5. Comedian, actor and famous host James Corden has declared himself a BLACKPINK fan. Because he was so impressed with the girl group, James Coden often collaborated with them

James Corden’s Tweet/Credit: Twitter @JKCorden

6. Who doesn’t know Khalid? Many do not know that this singer from the United States really likes K-Pop, especially BTS. Khalid admitted that he was very impressed with vibes positive that South Korean songs often bring

Khalid and BTS/Credit: YouTube @Good Morning Britain

7. Not only singer and actor, American wrestler, John Cena also really likes K-pop, especially BTS. In an interview, John Cena admitted that he listens to BTS and mentioned that J-Hope is his favorite member. Unique huh~

John Cena/Credit: Twitter @JohnCena

8. Lastly, there is singer and actor Jared Leto. The Joker actor in the film “Suicide Squad” really likes K-Pop because he is amazed at the energetic appearance of BTS. As an appreciation, Jared Leto expressed it through social media

Jared Leto/Credit: Twitter @JaredLeto

So, those are 8 Hollywood artists who admit that they like and love K-Pop. Some are happy with boybands, some are happy with girlbands. Yes, these artists are proof that slowly Asian industrial culture is starting to develop and be accepted by the world community. by the way, do you like K-Pop too?


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