8 Popular Tourist Attractions Around Ubud That You Must Visit!

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popular tourist spots in ubud

Bali does not die when it comes to vacation spots. I have come to Bali many times, instead of being bored, I am addicted to the way there. Starting from beaches, mountains, waterfalls, to unique cafes always offer exciting new things. How about you yourself?

This time I chose to go to Ubud which is known as a cool and calm place. Photos of Ubud are always dominated by green natural scenery that makes the eyes fresh and not infrequently makes eyegasm. There are also many hits around Ubud and have super cool views. Check out 8 instagramable places around Ubud.

1. Green fields, blue skies, and flocks of birds that make the eyes fresh. Good morning from Subak Gaga

Take a morning walk in a place as beautiful as this. Who refuses? | Credit by www.dinilint.com

Walking around Ubud in the morning was really very pleasant. The air is still clean, there are not many vehicles, and what is clear on the right and left of the highway are green rice fields that make the eyes fresh. I deliberately turned on a narrow road, which turned out to lead to Subak Gaga. As far as the eye can see I see there are green rice fields that are colored matching with a clear blue sky. When I looked to my right, there were buffalo working on the ground, when I looked to my left, there were flocks of birds playing in the fields, and when I was walking forward, I met a group of foreign tourists who deliberately paid for it. guide to see the fields. I’m very lucky to be able to see the fields for free without having to pay.

2. Take pictures at Tukad Cepung Waterfall. The sunlight that penetrates the cracks of the rocks makes the photo more charming

I used GPS to find my way to Tukad Cepung Waterfall, and it works! After about 30 minutes of riding a motorbike plus walking for about 15 minutes down, we finally found a waterfall. Before arriving at the waterfall, I had to pass through large rocks. They were so big, they blocked out the sunlight, so it was as if I had entered the darkness. If you go there, try photos under the rocks at Tukad Cepung Waterfall. epic.

3. Spend a long time in Penglipuran Village. The cleanest village in the world really makes you feel at home

Jump for joy in the cleanest village in the world | Credit by dinilint.com

It takes about 30 minutes from the center of Ubud to reach the cleanest village in the world, Penglipuran Village. Seeing Penglipuran Village is like looking at pictures on Pinterest; beautiful, neat and artistic. When I asked a resident of Penglipuran Village, what are the tips so that his village can get the title as the cleanest village in the world, the father replied, “Villagers are happy with a neat and clean environment.”. The clean Penglipuran village with friendly residents makes you feel at home.

4. The world’s most beautiful jogging track at Campuhan Ridge Walk. You can be diligent in running in the morning if you come here every day

If the jogging track were as beautiful as this, I would be diligent in running every day | Credit by www.dinilint.com

Although according to several articles, Campuhan Ridge Walk is very suitable to be visited at sunset, but I chose to come in the morning. Not wanting to be against mainstream, it’s just that I ran out of time at sunset yesterday because of the convenience of chatting with local residents in Penglipuran Village. This hit spot around Ubud reveals hills and a bright blue reddish sky in the morning. It’s fun for me because there aren’t too many people taking selfies, because on average, people who come to Campuhan Ridge Walk early in the morning really want to exercise. Even so, but there are also people who come with the intention of traveling and taking photos, like me. Ha ha. Who refuses to take pictures with this super beautiful natural scenery.

5. Thousands of cocoons invaded Petulu Village. Beautiful sunset bonus

Go to Petulu Village. Watching thousands of birds return to the nest is a beautiful sunset bonus | Credit by www.dinilint.com

About 15-20 minutes from Ubud, there is a village where thousands of kokoan birds visit every evening. Actually these birds do not come but return to their nests in Petulu Village. The sunset in Petulu Village is also very good. If there are plans to go to Ubud, entering Petulu Village into the itinerary is mandatory.

6. You could say this is the most beautiful rice field in the world, Tegalalang

hits place in ubud

Good morning from the beautiful rice fields of Tegalalang | Credit by www.dinilint.com

If you want to get a photo with a terraced and neat rice field background, try to come to Tegalalang. I chose to come to Tegalalang very early in the morning. In addition to being quiet, in the morning like this the picture of the sun’s rays is very good to be photographed. Believe that taking pictures in Tegalalang early in the morning on a sunny day will produce great photos.

7. Play swing over the cliff with a super cool view. Try it giant swing in Ubud

Near the Tegalalang there are giant swing, a giant swing that leads directly to these beautiful rice fields. Take a picture at giant swing guaranteed to cause a wow effect. It was as if I was riding a swing on a super-small ravine. For the sake of a beautiful photo, be willing to spend Rp. 150,000.

8. Go to the Ubud Art Market to take photos and don’t buy. Get scolded by the one who sells it

Just taking photos and not buying. Get ready to be sprayed by the one who sells it | Credit by www.dinilint.com

Another hit place that you must visit while in Ubud is the Ubud Art Market. In the center of Ubud, there is a traditional market that specializes in Balinese handicrafts. Photos with the background of selling women’s merchandise at the Ubud Art Market are also fun, you know. But be careful. When I went there yesterday, I chatted with one of the sales women, bargained for the merchandise and ended up not buying anything at all, I got sprayed by the sales lady. Duh, very fierce ma’am. Then people will be afraid to come to the Ubud Art Market.

Those are eight exotic and interesting hit tourist attractions to visit while in Ubud. The beautiful natural charm of Ubud makes me want to go back to Ubud again. Hopefully there will be another opportunity to come to Ubud. Come on!

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