A Young Woman, Let’s Call Her Name Bunga Becomes a Rape Victim

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A young woman, let’s call her Bunga, 15, became a victim of rape in Sukajadi Village, Talang Kelapa District, Banyuasin, South Sumatra.

The perpetrators were the initials YT, 17, along with two of his colleagues. The suspect YT has been arrested, while two of his colleagues are still being sought by the police. “The suspect YT has been arrested.

He was the one who invited his two friends to rape the victim in turns for two days,” said Head of Talang Kelapa Banyuasin Police Commissioner Haris Munandar Hasyim, Monday (23/8/2021).

Haris revealed that before launching his action, YT invited the victim he had just met to hang out in Sukajadi Village, Talang Kelapa District, Banyuasin. Before picking up the victim, YT decided to buy alcohol and stimulant pills. After that, YT picked up the victim on the side of the road.

“When the perpetrator picked up the victim, the perpetrator’s friends were already waiting at the agreed hangout place,” said Kompol Haris accompanied by the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Panji Nugroho.

Upon arrival, the victim was invited to drink alcohol. Not only was he force-fed with alcohol, the victim was also given stimulant pills. YT revealed, if the pill he gave was a pill that could make you float. Bunga just believed and drank the pill that YT gave.

When Bunga was drunk and out of control, YT immediately took action. In turn, Bunga raped YT and her two friends.

“The actions of the perpetrator and his two friends were carried out on August 14 and 15 at the same place. The mode used is also the same,” said Haris.

After doing the action, YT and his two friends left the victim just like that. The victim, who was unconscious, finally went home. When he returned home, the victim’s parents were suspicious and asked the victim.

The victim admitted that when his friends took turns hanging out. Based on the victim’s confession, the victim’s parents decided to report it to the Talang Kelapa Banyuasin Police. From the report, the Sector Police conducted an investigation and finally arrested YT.

“We have secured one of the perpetrators at his house. The other two perpetrators are still in our pursuit. Both of them, we already know their identities, “concluded Haris.


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