About the rift in her household with Ijonk, Dhena Devanka: I have the right to be happy

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Jonathan Frizzy (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Jonathan Frizzy’s household and Dhena Devanka is experiencing a crack. Several issues that have colored this chaos have been in the spotlight in the last few days. Ijonk’s uncle—Jonathan Frizzy’s nickname—that is, Benny Simanjuntak, has made a lot of noise in the media too, feeling disapproved of Dhena’s movements.

Some of the points of their marital rift include; Dhenna reported Ijonk in May 2021, to the South Jakarta Police, on suspicion of domestic violence. There is a third person issue, although this is denied by Dhena, “Oh, no, no (there is no third person),” said Dhena. Another issue, lately their household is always colored by quarrels, commotions. Until the family was getting tired.

This unfavorable condition made Dhena decide to file for divorce at the South Jakarta Religious Court. The heart is not calm. Good communication is difficult. Tears kept flowing. Then, what else should be maintained? Tired for sure. In her Instagram, Dhena is still acting, uploading photos and quotes, which seem to express her heart.

On Saturday (28/8), he uploaded a photo of himself, alone in black clothes, smiling. Under the photo, he outlined the words that describe the condition of his heart. Dhena understands that love does not always bring happiness. But as women, we also have to think about our hearts, we also have the right to be happy.

Jonathan Frizzy (Seno/1NEWS)

“Because I deserve to be happy. I know, love doesn’t always bring happiness. Sometimes, there are stories about heart-wrenching wounds, leaving scars that bring tears to their cheeks. However, everything has a lesson to be learned so that it makes us change for the better, “ so he wrote.

“Never give up, because falling in love shouldn’t make us weak,” message Dhenna.


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