Adik Beber Confesses to Jonas Rivanno When He Feels Hated For Changing Faith | 1NEWS

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Playing soap operas again, Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno are in the spotlight

Dream – After a five-year hiatus, Asmirandah and Jonas Rivano returned to acting. This time, the couple whose marriage was highlighted was involved in the same soap opera.

Asmirandah and Jonas’ re-activity can be seen from the upload of photos of the fanbase production house that houses their soap operas, @sinemartcommunity. In the photo, the two are seen in the same location.

They were also seen with Cut Keke. The photo also contains the words, “Our reunion” which shows Asmirandah and Jonas again acting together.

This upload is enough to attract public attention, because Asmirandah chose to change her faith to marry Jonas. This is also the focus of social media users.

Wow, lazy to see Asmirandah, the other players are so much better, what should he do hmmm,” wrote Ida’s account.

“Laws on religion should be made, don’t make it easy when changing religions have to make it difficult, why is it so good to change religions, then playing with religion must be dealt with firmly so that it doesn’t come from the forehead so it doesn’t slide,” said Adit’s account.

However, many netizens did not question Asmirandah’s choice to change religion. They are even grateful that they can still see Asmirandah playing soap operas again.

Thank God, Asmiranda and Jonas are playing again, problems A and B are our choices, we can’t blame them, let them work. Religious issues are personal, they are all religions, both in the eyes of Allah, we just have to do it.,” wrote the account @wawan.nurhasanahcatering. [crosslink_1]

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