Admits lying after being reprimanded, Denny Darko finally apologizes to Deddy Corbuzier

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Later the name Denny Darko became a public conversation. It all started with the content that predicted Deddy Corbuzier when he decided to take a temporary hiatus from social media. In an upload on YouTube, Denny Darko said that Azka Corbuzier’s father was not exposed to the corona virus. However, almost two weeks later Deddy Corbuzier returned and gave the shocking news that he was indeed positive for Covid-19, even critically due to a cytokine storm.

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After Deddy’s confession came out, Denny Darko re-uploaded a video changing his statement. He said that he actually knew that Deddy was sick with Covid-19 but did not want to say where he came from. Hearing Denny’s words, Deddy immediately took action. The famous presenter rebuked him directly.

Admitting that he couldn’t predict Deddy Corbuzier, Denny Darko apologized

After revealing his critical condition, Deddy Corbuzier couldn’t believe why Denny Darko revealed a lie. Moreover, regarding health problems, the closest people were not informed. Then Deddy explained that it was no longer the realm of entertainment but of public deception. Upon Deddy’s openly reprimanded, Denny Darko later admitted he was wrong.

“Hello everyone, in this video I am Denny Darko with all humility I want to apologize to all of you for the noise I caused. There I said him off not because of Covid and it turned out to be wrong. My prediction was wrong, as it was impossible to see a master Deddy Corbuzier,” said Denny Darko on Instagram TV which was uploaded on Friday (27/8).

Furthermore, Denny admitted that he had lied that he knew Deddy Corbuzier was positive but chose to remain silent. In fact, no one told about Deddy’s illness. He also chose to delete his statement so that there would be no more misunderstandings.

“Again, no one told me about it. So about someone notifying me in the second video is a lie,” he continued.

Having personally apologized, Denny Darko emphasized that Deddy Corbuzier is his role model in the entertainment world.

Regret for his rash attitude, Denny Darko apologized personally. Especially after Deddy, who thought he was like a friend, felt let down. Denny Darko said that he did not mean that this would happen, but the words in the content at that time were not properly prepared and caused a commotion.

“I was very sad when I realized that what I was doing caused disappointment to someone I have always looked up to as a teacher, role model and model in my career. There’s no way Denny Darko can achieve everything I’ve got so far in the world entertainment without a master Deddy Corbuzier,” he explained.

Responding to Denny Darko’s apology, not a few netizens finally reminded the public figure to be careful. They asked that Denny not have to predict someone’s life if he wasn’t asked, especially if it was misleading.

“You don’t have to predict other people’s eating, you can also be guided. So it doesn’t harm other people,” said the @istikomah account.

“It’s about time you stop making divination content, you smart can make another topic,” said another.

“It’s just appreciated that he has admitted his mistake and apologized openly,” said another netizen.

Hopefully this case can be a lesson for Denny Darko to be careful, because no one knows the fate of a person. Moreover, if the statement has been issued publicly, of course it will be more risky. So, what do you think about SoHip?

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