After Rachel Vennya, Citra Kirana Also Collects Settlement from Medina Zein

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Medina Zein suddenly became the gossip of netizens.  (Seno/

1NEWS – Medina Zein suddenly became the gossip of netizens. This was the aftermath of Rachel Vennya’s comments in one of the posts by the wife of Lukman Azhari who was charging her money. After Rachel Vennya, now it’s her turn Kirana’s Image who collects.

This was caught from Ciki’s Insta Story reply to Rachel Vennya’s clarification that the money from the sale of one of her luxury bags bought by Medina Zein had been paid off. In an upload that was captured by one of the gossip accounts, the wife of Rezky Aditya also asked Medina Zein to pay off his debt.

“Thank God the rachelven has been paid off. When will I be paid off?” write Kirana’s Image while tagging Medina Zein’s Instagram account.

Medina Zein suddenly became the gossip of netizens. (Seno/1NEWS)

In a clarification on Rachel Vennya’s upload, he said that in a sale and purchase transaction with Medina Zein, he was sent proof of a transfer which turned out to be fictitious. It also received the spotlight from Citra Kirana who also experienced the same thing.

I was also given proof of transfer, but it didn’t appear in the money.” Ciki wrote later.

Until now, there has been no further clarification of the debt and receivable transactions between Medina Zein and Citra Kirana. Upload a gossip account that capture Citra Kirana’s Instagram Stories were also flooded with satire comments on Medina Zein.


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