Alexander Hare, the King of the Colonial Age Who Loved Making Slaves of the Archipelago as His Concubine – Boombastis

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Nowadays, there are many men who are labeled as playboy. Yes, often mutually partner and do not want a serious relationship is one of the characteristics of them. Maybe because the times have advanced, that’s why being a playboy now it’s so easy. Living capital HP has been able to attract many women.

In ancient times, it turns out that there are also playboy but the classes are very different. Not only having romance with many women, but also making them his concubines. He is Alexander Hare, the playboy leader of Maluku, whose name caused a stir. Then what’s the story? Check out the following reviews.

Alexander Hare the king of Maluku

You may often be with Maluku, but have you ever heard that place exists? In the past, a place called Maluku really existed and the area was ruled by a ruler named Alexander Hare. During the colonial period, Maluku itself was located in South Kalimantan and was considered a kingdom.

The ancient invaders [sumber gambar]

Reporting from the Tirto page, when Britain had a territory there, when Thomas Stamford Raffles held the post of governor-general, Hare was given a large position in Maluku. Since then he has led and developed his business there. Until finally Hare had to leave his kingdom for several reasons.

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