Atta Halilintar Excited to Have a Girl Baby: Very Father’s Son

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Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah.  (Instagram/@attahalilintar)

1NEWS – Atta Halilintar admitted that he did not think that the child he was carrying was a girl. Even so, he was very happy after knowing his future child was a girl.

“I’m very happy, I think it’s a boy,” said Atta Halilintar quoted from YouTube KH Infotainment, Sunday (29/8/2021).

Aurel Hermansyah had expected this after seeing Atta’s response. Aurel even said that his first child would be Atta’s favorite child.

Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah. (Instagram/@attahalilintar)

“Your favorite child, if it’s a girl?” Aurel asked Atta.

“Yes, if it’s a girl, it’s really going to be your son,” Atta replied.

Atta said he was happy because if a daughter would usually be closer to her father. Therefore, since he was in the womb he was already protective of his child.

Aurel Hermansyah's Gender Reveal Moment (Instagram/@aurelie.hermansyah)
Aurel Hermansyah’s Gender Reveal Moment (Instagram/@aurelie.hermansyah)

“Yes, I’m sure (protective) girls don’t know, usually the feeling is closer to the father, so from him the baby in the womb I was protective of his mother,” he explained.

Atta did not rule out the possibility of being a protective father. Because women really need to be taken care of more.

“Moreover, when it’s with the child, yes, the name is a girl, it seems funny, the extra will be taken care of by a father,” continued Atta, ending.


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