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1NEWS – If your sex with your partner starts to feel boring because so far it has only been done in the room, it never hurts to try another place. Because, it is not impossible that a different atmosphere can create a new passion or restore intimacy.

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According to Johns Hopskin Medicine, one way you and your partner can try to rekindle the passion in your relationship is to explore new things. Not just trying sex positions or how to make out, but changing places to make love can actually give a different impression and sensation. Well, quoted from the page helloHEALTHHere are some locations that can be a comfortable choice for making love for you and your partner.


This one sex location is already quite popular. But not all couples dare to try to have sex in the car. Although risky for fear of being seen by others, having sex in a car can be a stressful experience. You and your partner seem to be chased by worries if other people will find out.

You can take advantage of this tension to arouse more passion during sex. When you do it, adrenaline will be more easily stimulated, as well as sexual desire (libido) for you and your partner. However, you still need to be careful to maintain privacy when making the car a place to make love.


Those of you who are trying it for the first time may find it difficult because there is no area to lie down. But it is this challenge that can provide its own sensation. You need to adjust the right style of making love to be done in the kitchen, such as standing or sitting sex positions.

Remember, choose a fairly large and clean area such as the kitchen countertop so that sex feels more comfortable. In order for sex to last longer, for starters you and your partner can start creating intimacy by spending time together in the kitchen, such as trying a new snack recipe.


Having sex on the stairs is not free. In addition, the movement of the body will be very limited. However, this place to make love is actually the right location to explore the style of making love like doggy style.

For those of you who have difficulty doing this style of making love in bed, you may be able to enjoy it more when trying on the stairs. The presence of stairs can help you bend your body forward so that your partner can lean back comfortably behind you.

Bathtub or pool

Having sex in the water can provide a unique sensation. Similar to making love under the shower, the buoyancy inside can make penetration easier, especially to stimulate the G-Spot area.

Unusual sex locations like this can help you to reach the peak of pleasure (orgasm), even up to many times. To increase passion during sex in the bathtub, it would be better if you and your partner soak in warm water.

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