Cases of Sexual Disturbance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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sexology dr. Oka Negara, MBiomed, FIAS

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Tanya: “Doc, just to the point. Indeed, at the beginning of the pandemic, while still at home, my wife and I really enjoyed our time together. Making love is always satisfying and we enjoy together. But about three months later I really experienced weakness in erections.
Wife so often feel disappointed too. In fact, in recent months, sexual desire has decreased drastically. I asked my friends, apparently many have experienced the same thing. Are there really many cases like me during the pandemic? How to make sure if it’s disturbed, before I go to the doctor? Does it have something to do with my body which is now prone to obesity? And what to do Doc? (Budi, 28, Kuta)

Answer: That’s right. During the pandemic, male sexual disorders have also emerged and need to be addressed properly. Don’t let it be just because the pandemic is not over, because when the pandemic will end is also uncertain. The pandemic also causes complex problems, one of which is sexual problems that ultimately determine the quality of life. Based on many reports from doctors’ practices in clinics and private practices, it was found that cases of sexual disorders in men that often occurred during the pandemic were erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive.

First, regarding erectile dysfunction, this is a condition when a man cannot achieve or maintain an optimal penile erection to achieve sexual satisfaction in sexual intercourse. Actually almost 25 percent of men in Indonesia have erectile dysfunction with complaints of not feeling the optimal hardness of an erection anymore. Indeed, in the end this will be able to have serious consequences in the partner’s sexual satisfaction which ultimately disrupts household harmony and daily activities as well.

To carry out early or early detection, it can indeed be done at home, without the need to see a doctor first with a simple way that can be done to find out whether an erection disorder has occurred. It is even possible to estimate that what is experienced includes mild, moderate, or severe erectile dysfunction.

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