Citra Kirana’s Turn to Collect Debt from Medina Zein | 1NEWS

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Medina Zein Showcases Bags for Luxury Homes, Rachel Vennya’s Comments: Debt Pay Off

Dream – Medina Zein often shows branded fashion items on her Instagram account feed. This time, Lukman Azhari’s wife showed a shirt outfit from the Burberry brand.

The model is like a blue and gray combination shirt with two seahorses in the middle.

Medina is also carrying a brown bag that costs hundreds of millions and can be used to buy a luxury house.

The reason is that the Hermes brand bag is priced at US $ 27,500 or the equivalent of Rp. 398 million.

“Hi Burberry gangs,” Medina Zein wrote, quoted by Dream from his Instagram account, Saturday, August 28, 2021.

It didn’t take long for the upload of this mother of two children to be immediately commented on by netizens. Interestingly, celebgram Rachel Vennya also commented on Medina Zein’s upload.

But not discussing his cute appearance but collecting debts. Rachel asked Medina to pay off her debt immediately.

I’m waiting for today, please pay off my debt,said Rachel Vennya.

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