Desta Kapok Becomes Stuntman Deddy Corbuzier: My Face Almost Burned

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Deddy Corbuzier and Azka Corbuzier.  (Instagram/mastercorbuzier)

1NEWS – Deddy Mahendra Desta apparently had been a stuntman for Deddy Corbuzier when he was still a magician. Once upon a time, Deddy almost burned Desta’s face during the show.

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The story was revealed in the Deddy Corbuzier podcast, where Desta was the guest star, which was uploaded Saturday (28/8/2021).

Deddy Corbuzier. (Instagram/mastercorbuzier)

“The incident that Desta had a project with Deddy, Deddy once burned my face,” said Desta Mahendra.

Hearing Desta’s statement, Deddy Corbuzier responded casually. According to Deddy, he did not intend to burn Desta’s face.

“I didn’t mean to,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

Deddy Corbuzier’s casual answer seemed to irritate Desta. He brought up the incident again. According to Natahsa Rizki’s husband, this incident should not have happened if he had pulled his head first during the attraction.

Desta (Desta80s/instagram).
Desta (Desta80s/instagram).

“Yes, the rules are you pull my nutmeg first, yes you should back your head, finally my eyebrows are finished (burned),” said Desta Mahendra annoyed.

In addition to his almost burning face, Desta then revealed the story of Deddy Corbuzier’s actions which risked endangering him. But because of his previous experience, he also refused this second action.

“There is another project together, splitting the watermelon. I don’t want it because it’s too risky,” said Desta.

Dedy Corbuzier has just restarted his podcast after a two-week hiatus. This is because Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband has just recovered from COVID-19. (Muhammad Anzar Anas)


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