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Ustaz Solmed is bankrupt, owes hundreds of millions of rupiah for living expenses

Dream – Ustaz Solmed admitted that he had experienced a slump in 2020 which was the worst time for him. In that year, the preacher whose full name was Sholeh Mahmoed Nasution was bankrupt and had no money at all.

To pay for his life, Solmed admitted that he owed his wife, April Jasmine, up to IDR 410 million.

Ustaz Solmed had to make the decision to borrow money because he practically had no income for 8 months from March to October 2020.

“I had to borrow money from April, I borrowed the 200 thousand case to April during the pandemic, I borrowed 500 thousand just for my mother’s medical expenses,” said Ustaz Solmed in Indosiar’s 2021 Asia Action show.

Even though the debt comes from his wife’s own money, this father of three children will still consider the gift as a debt.

“I will record this as a debt and I will not erase this history until I die,” he said.

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