Excited Auto Fans! Aprilio Manganang Shows Naked Photos

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Aprilia Manganang, now named Aprilio Perkasa Manganang [Instagram]

Aprilia Manganang. (Instagram/manganang92)

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1NEWS – Apriliio Perkasa Manganang uploaded a photo that could make women hysterical, Sunday (29/8/2021). Especially when the volleyball athlete’s body shape is exposed to the public.

The man who used to be named Aprilia Santini Manganang often uploads photos when he is exercising. However, all this time he only showed his back.

That’s why many netizens are curious about the 29-year-old man’s body shape when viewed from the front.

Aprilia Manganang, now named Aprilio Perkasa Manganang [Instagram]

Realizing the wishes of his fans, this Army soldier also uploaded the latest photo when he finished exercising.

However, the caption he wrote was completely unrelated to his upload.

Don’t let what you feel make you doubt God’s words,” Aprilio wrote in English.

Aprilio Manganang (Instagram)
Aprilio Manganang (Instagram)

In the photo, Aprilio is seen in a Zumba studio. He poses facing out of the window with one hand holding the glass window grille, while the other hand is tucked into his trouser pocket.

Apparently, this man has a six pack body shape and muscular arms. No wonder so many girls are his fans.

This photo upload was also teased by her sister, Amasya Manganang, by commenting, “Awww (emoji in love).”

Aprilia Manganang (Instagram)
Aprilia Manganang (Instagram)

Meanwhile, netizens are more interested in discussing Aprilio’s photo shoot.

Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Cool, said netizens.Where were the ladies who asked for a front view yesterday? (laughing emoji),” added another netizen.

There are also netizens who praise Aprilio. “This is a real man. Great body goal.”


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