Holy Agatha Gives Noble Message to Mothers Via Single ‘Your Presence’

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Holy Agatha Gives Noble Message to Mothers Via New Single 'Your Presence'

Posted on: 08/29/21 at 11:00 am

Holy Agatha finally released single just titled ‘Your presence’ after a long time. For Gen Z who don’t know her, Agatha Suci is a singer who started her career when she became a finalist for Indonesian Idol in 2004.

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Starting her big career as one of the participants in the national singing contest more than a decade ago, Agatha Suci’s name is now sticking out again. In fact, the figure who is familiarly called Uci is ready to release his debut album as a solo singer. If collected from 2015, Uci already has 8 songs, each of which was released as single. Besides single ‘Your presence’, including ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Forever’, and ‘Who Is He’.

However, before Uci worked on the songs recorded for his album, he had married and started a household with the man he loves in 2009. Up to now, Uci has two children who are quite old.

Holy Agatha’s new meaning for the word Love

Now, through his new single, ‘Hadirmu’, Uci is like telling how his two children gave a new meaning to the word Love. Her two children are Kahlia Adinda Thung and Arsa Nuraga Thung. Through this song, we can be immersed in the feelings of a mother for her baby.

Holy Agatha - Your Presence (artwork)

As we know, Kahlia and Arsa, need special and more attention from the Holy Agatha as a mother. But in the process, Uci actually found maturity in the form of love that he had never felt before.

That feeling is contained in the song ‘Hadirmu’. One part of the lyrics that reflects this is in the lyrics:

“Your presence whispers the love I didn’t recognize before // Your presence yearns for a passionate soul // Promise of my love to be faithful to you // I hug tightly in every tightness // Let anything that hits // You are the lamp of my heart”.

Maybe many people only see the togetherness of Agatha Suci with her two children through social media. But through this song, we can really feel the feelings they have sincerely for Kahlia and Arsa.

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Let’s hear directly the stories of mothers with the various challenges they have to face. By directly listening to the song ‘Hadirmu’ on all digital music channels. Including the very touching music video below.

Source: Press Release
Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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