Islam Forbids Taking Other People’s Spouses, Let’s See The Explanation

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ACCURATE.CO Islam teaches its people to maintain harmony between couples in the family. It is considered an act that is despised by religion when there are family couples who continue to fight for trivial reasons.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

هريرة ال ال ل الله لى الله ليه لم لَيْسَ ا امْرَأَةً لَى ا ا لَى

Meaning: “From Abu Hurairah RA, he said that the Messenger of Allah said: It is not among us that he deceives a woman over her husband or a slave over her master.” (HR Abu Dawud).

Because Islam always teaches its followers to live in family harmony, this religion also forbids someone from disturbing other family harmony, such as seizing other people’s spouses, vilifying their relatives, or telling the goodness of other couples to other couples.

Abu Abdirrahman Abadi, in the book Aunul Ma’bud a la Sunan Abi Dawud, page 967 says so;

َيْسَ لَيْسَ ا) اعنا (مَنْ ) الباء الأولى الخاء المعجمة (امْرَأَةً لَى زَوْجِها) يذكر اوىء الزوج امرأته اسن ا (أَوْ ا) ا ا ا اد الزوج لى امرأته الجارية لى ا ال المنذري النسائي

Meaning: “(Not part of) followers (we, people who cheat) commit deceit and damage (a woman’s trust in her husband) for example mentioning the badness of a man in front of his wife or mentioning the advantages of another man in front of someone’s wife (or a slave over his wife). master) in any way that damages the relationship between the two of them. The meaning of this is an attempt made to damage the relationship of a man to his wife or damage the relationship of a slave girl to her master. Al-Mundziri said, this hadith was also narrated by An-Nasai.”

Harmony in the family is important so that each other continues to feel comfortable in living the ark of life. Without harmony in the family, it is difficult to grow a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

In another hadith of the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah also forbade a person to ask his brother to divorce his spouse. This is a form of affirmation that Islam really forbids disharmony and family. Here we quote the hadith narrated by Imam At-Tirmidhi:

هريرة لُغُ النَّبِيُّ لى الله ليه لم ال لَا لِ المَرْأَةُ لَاقَ ا لِتَكْفِئَ ا إِنَائِهَا

Meaning: “From Abu Hurairah who came to the Messenger of Allah, he said: Don’t let a woman ask her brother for divorce to turn over (so that the contents of) her tray spill.” (HR Tirmidhi).

If the attitude of harmony between families is a religious commandment, then this is definitely included in the category of worship. Whoever the couple or family does it will get great luck and reward that will be enjoyed both in this world and in the hereafter. Wallahu A’lam.[]


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