Jason Newsted Admits “Angry” Bass Voice On Record “Justice…” Missing

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Jason Newsted Admits Angry Bass Sound On Record "Justice..." removed

Posted on: 08/29/21 at 10:00 am

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Metallica in the era with Jason Newsted (Photo: Paul Natkin/WireImage).

Jason Newsted has admitted that he was actually “angry” after he first heard the album Metallica 1988, …And Justice for All. The recording of this album is famous for the volume of the bass which is almost inaudible as a result of the mixing process. Even though you’re still shaking, sound this album recording sounds too high.

“I’m so angry!” Newsted said to The Metal Hammer Podcast in his new interview. “Are you kidding me? I’m ready to act aggressively, men!”

The bass ripper continued, in a more serious tone: “No, I feel crazy, because I really think I did well. And I think I played the way I should have played.”

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People In The Process Of Mixing Records Justice…

The “ghost” bass sound in …And Justice for All rated as the most controversial mixing decision in metal history. The official credit for mixing on the album is Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero, but Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield were heavily involved in the process.

Some of them suggested Newsted’s bass track was taken down as a means of obscuring the new bassist, who replaced Cliff Burton in 1986. Ulrich has since acknowledged the missing bass on the album in interviews with decibel, but denied any intentional malice.

Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett reasons

The drummer explained, “Justice… is a James and Lars show from start to finish, but it’s not, ‘To hell with this guy, let’s turn the bass off’. It was more like, ‘We’re mixing, so let’s clap our backs and get the rhythm guitar and drums up’. But basically we keep improving the other[instrument tracks]until the bass is gone.”

On the other hand, guitarist Kirk Hammett insisted in the same 2008 interview that the mixing was an artistic decision, saying Newsted’s bass notes clashed with Hetfield’s rhythm guitar frequencies and that the band was deliberately seeking sound dry and punchy.

“The reason you can’t hear bass well is because the bass frequency is deep” tone Jason is a bit annoying tone that James tried to shoot with sound the rhythm guitar, and every time the two come together, it’s not good,” Hammett explained. “So the only thing left to do was turn down the bass in the mix. It is deeply regretted”.

Jason Newsted Admits Brilliant Decision

Even Newsted agreed that sound in Justice… has its own character. And a fact that it is very controversial as well as a testament to the brilliance of the decision maker’s ideas.

“If the album Justice… It’s been mixed like a regular record, we’re not going to talk about it now,” concluded Newsted. “…because of the way it all came out, it became an unnecessary big deal, (and) we’re still talking about it. I think that’s brilliant, they don’t even realize how great they are drunk to do what they’re doing!”. Hehe, the Metallica era was indeed known by the nickname “Alcohollica” like the t-shirt Newsted wore in the photo of this article.

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You can check out Jason Newsted’s full interview with The Metal Hammer Podcast below this.

You can also stream a fan-made bass restoration titled “…And Justice for Jason” to listen if Justice… mixed like a normal recording. In our opinion, in the editor’s opinion, the “ghost” bass version is still better, hehe. What do you think? Write in the comments column below yes!

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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