Jessica Iskandar admits that she has just been baptized by a muaythai teacher and is now becoming more religious: Religion is not a problem – 1NEWS

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Andre Talabesyy, Jessica Iskandar, Vincent Verhaag

Jessica Iskandar admitted that she had just been baptized by a muaythai teacher, Andre Talabesyy in the swimming pool after feeling a change in her. This recognition was conveyed directly by Jessica on the Kitchen Online Business YouTube channel recently.

The woman who is familiarly called Jedar admitted that she was getting closer to God after experiencing many events in her life. What is Jessica Iskandar’s full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Jessica Iskandar just got baptized

Jessica Iskandar revealed that it was God who made her feel confident that the man she was close to was better and could bring happiness than before. The mother of one explained that all decisions in her life were passed by praying.

“Lord, everything, decisions, paths that I took and passed I really prayed, really asked God for help. Actually we are just ordinary people, we are only small but we have a big God, whatever God wants to happen, it will happen, “said Jessica Iskandar, launching the YouTube Dapur Bisnis Online.

Andre Talabesyy, Jessica Iskandar, Vincent Verhaag. Source: Instagram

On that occasion, Jessica Iskandar admitted that she had just been baptized by her own muaythai teacher, Andre Talabesyy who is also a priest.

“Yes (just baptized) in the swimming pool, it’s up to each one. So the priest who baptized me was a muaythai teacher, I’ve known him for about five and a half years, El Barack was a year and a half and I wanted to be skinny, I was muaythai with him, the last time I stopped muaythai it was a year before I moved to Bali,” he said. .

Jedar is getting closer to God

Jedar often gets prayers every morning from his muaythai teacher via WhatsApp. From there, the 33-year-old presenter tried to get closer to God.

“It turns out that Bung Andre took a priest’s vocational school, he has been ordained a priest, Bung Andre always sends me prayers on WhatsApp every morning. Then one day I realized it was like a servant of God who was so close, why didn’t I take the lesson so that I could be closer to my Lord,” said Jedar.

Jedar said, regardless of religion, if someone applies the teachings of his religion well in life, it is very extraordinary.

Jessica Iskandar
Jessica Alexander. Source: YouTube Online Business Kitchen

“Over time we talked, everything seemed to be made easier because when you believe in your God, actually religion is not a problem, but you can apply it in your life, which I think is extraordinary,” he said.

After accepting many events in life, Jessica Iskandar is now closer to God. That’s what makes him feel grateful.

“Through Bung Andre, I have become closer to God, just like thanks to Mr. Yes (there has been a change in myself) since a lot has happened in my life, I have become closer, and for that I am grateful,” concluded Jessica Iskandar.

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