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The figure of Prabowo Subianto.  Photo: Antara

Prabowo Subianto’s support comments on Jokowi’s leadership at the government coalition party meeting have become a concern. Prabowo considers Jokowi to be effective in handling the nation’s problems and Jokowi is suitable for the Indonesian people.

Prabowo’s statement was commented on by humanitarian activist Natalius Pigai. According to him, Prabowo’s total support for Jokowi is a manifestation of the professionalism of the President’s subordinates.

Prabowo has no enemies!

Natalius Pigai assessed that Prabowo’s comments were very supportive of Jokowi, showing that the General Chairperson of the Gerindra Party is a professional working as a subordinate or subordinate to President Jokowi. In this case, it is fitting for Prabowo as part of the coalition to support Jokowi.

The figure of Prabowo Subianto. Photo: Antara

“Like it or not, it must be acknowledged that Prabowo has shown professionalism as a minister @Jokowi. Obey the principle, obey the boss. Except for Sy as an opposition to Jokowi’s praise, it can be questioned,” Pigai wrote quoted from a tweet on the account Twitter, Sunday 29 August 2021.

Former Commissioner of Human Rights This recognizes Prabowo’s quality to serve the nation and state. Prabowo’s patriotic character, writes Pigai, is something that this country’s elite rarely has.

“Prabowo is patriotic who upholds professionalism and fairness, and that is what is lacking in this NGR. Prabowo is not an enemy!” Pigai wrote.

Prabowo fully supports Jokowi

Prabowo’s support is a concern. During the coalition party meeting at the State Palace on August 25, 2021, Prabowo asked Jokowi not to hesitate to make decisions for the people, according to him, the Jokowi administration was on the right track.

Jokowi Prabowo at the Merdeka Palace October 2019
Jokowi Prabowo at the Merdeka Palace in October 2019. Photo

“The handling of (COVID-19) is quite effective and we are optimistic that we are able to deal with it and we have to face it. So we think that the voices who want to aggravate the situation need not be heeded, we are already on the right path,” Prabowo said as quoted from

Prabowo, who is the Minister of Defense, said that Jokowi’s move not to participate in the lock down was the right step. Because in fact countries that have been hard on lock down have recently experienced difficulties.

Prabowo said Jokowi’s leadership was suitable for the people and handled the current national issue.

“Pak Jokowi’s leadership is effective, sir. I admit that and I respect you, I see, I am a witness, I am in the cabinet. I think our team is good, our team in the cabinet is quite compact and we are working well. So, please don’t hesitate, we are on the right track,” Prabowo said.

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