Meet On FB, Ended Rape At Bong Chino’s Grave

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Blora- A teenager with the initials RDS (18), a resident of Jepon District, committed an act of sexual abuse against his female friend who was still underage. The victim, known to have the initials NP (16), a resident of Jiken District, was molested at the Chino Grave (Bong Chino) in Temurejo Village, Blora District.

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Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Blora Police, AKP Setiyanto, revealed that the incident occurred on Saturday (15/08) at 21.30 WIB in Temurejo Village, Blora District. The incident began when the victim met the suspect, whom he knew through Facebook about a month ago.

“From there it continues to chat Whatsapp (WA),” he said.

Furthermore, AKP Setiyanto said Saturday (15/08) at 17.00 WIB the victim was invited to meet. Until finally the two of them agreed to meet in Brumbung Village, Jepon District. Furthermore, the suspect will treat the victim to a meal because at that time the suspect was celebrating his birthday.

Instead of being invited to eat, the victim was taken to a coffee shop near the bong chino grave which is near the Blora golf course. There the victim was given coffee by the suspect and after that he was invited to the location of the bong chino grave. It was there that the victim was forced to have a relationship like husband and wife. But the victim didn’t want to.

“However, the victim was smothered and forced by the suspect until finally the victim was successfully raped by the suspect,” he explained.

Unable to accept what had been done to him, the victim finally reported it to the Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA) of the Blora Police. After doing the post-mortem and evidence of the victim’s clothes. Finally the PPA Unit together with Resmob Blora gave chase. Until Tuesday (01/09) at 16.30 WIB managed to secure the suspect.

“This suspect has been raided three times and he always escapes, only yesterday he was caught on Jalan Karangtalun, Banjarejo,” he explained.

According to him, the suspect is known as a punk kid. In addition, the suspect has also been recorded as having committed several crimes. From the records of the Resmob Unit of the Blora Police, the suspect was arrested for theft of birds, chickens in the Jepon, Blora and Japah sub-districts.


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