Now it’s finally revealed that the culprit Lesty Kejora’s father refuses to accept Rizki DA’s proposal? ‘Big Wrong’ – Gossip

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Officially becoming Billar’s mistress, it doesn’t necessarily erase Lesty Kejora’s past.

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The public also certainly still remembers how Lesty’s love story just ran aground even though it had been running for 5 years.

Rizki DA even suddenly held a wedding with Nadya Mustika.

Even though he came to Rizki DA’s wedding, Lesty often showed her sadness on several occasions when discussing her relationship with her ex.

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Now, after getting married, it seems that the reason why the two finally did not end up on the aisle slowly revealed.

Is it true that Rizki DA’s character is accused of being the reason the two finally chose to end their love story?

It was revealed that Lesty’s father reportedly preferred Rizky Billar to Rizki DA as his in-law

Endang is accused of being the cause of Lesty and Rizki DA’s love affair, until the man finally chooses to marry another woman.

The fortune teller Mbak You even dreams that wealth and social status are the causes of Lesty’s father forbidding his son to continue his romance with Rizki DA.

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According to rumors, Endang Mulyana has rejected Rizki DA’s application three times to sue Lesty Kejora.

However, the news was immediately denied by Lesty and her family.

According to Endang Mulyana, he never accepted Rizki DA’s application as is widely accused.

the cause of the breakdown of the relationship between Lesty Kejora and Rizki DA

The cause of the breakdown of the relationship between Lesty Kejora and Rizki DA (

And explained by Lesty, the reason for breaking up with Rizki DA was not because of the blessing of his father.

Lesty said that her father did not want to see his son cry often.

Inevitably the puzzle of why Lesty and Rizki DA seems to have finally been revealed.

It seems that Lesty’s parents did not see their child’s happiness when he was with his former lover.

“Dede didn’t go with the previous one, he said because his parents didn’t approve, it was a big mistake,” said Lesty Kejora in a virtual press conference, Friday (15/8/2020).

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“Father and Mommy always say, ‘Son, if you’re happy, you’re with anyone, you’re pretentious. The important thing is that Teteh must be happy, she can’t cry’ he said.

Lesty herself has never given an official statement regarding why she broke up with Rizki DA.

But the statement seemed to imply the condition of their relationship which ended aground.

Directly approve Rizky Billar

180 degrees different from the issue of not giving Rizki DA’s blessing, Endang Mulyana frankly agrees with Rizky Billar’s intention to become his son-in-law.

This can be seen on the Youtube channel ‘Rizky Billar’ which aired recently.

At first, Rizky Billar seemed engrossed in inviting Lesty to chat on the sidelines of the process of shooting the video clip ‘Kulepas with Ikhlas’.

“This (Rizky Billar) has a haircut to make him more handsome,” said Endang Mulyana suddenly.

“Yes, the time in Lesty’s video clip (not handsome),” said Bill.

“Let it creak,” continued Endang.

“Who’s uncle?” asked Billar fishing.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” replied Endang laughing.

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Lesty then told that her father had a big mango tree ready to be harvested.

Without hesitation, Endang invited Rizky Billar to come to the house.

“It will be taken later when mas… what do you call it (Rizky Billar)? Rizky’s brother, he said he didn’t want to be called Rizky,” said Endang.

“Billar, just call my name uncle, or call me ‘Son’,” said Rizky Billar shyly.

Finally, Endang Mulyana also called Rizky Billar’s name as ‘Son Billar’.

In front of Endang Mulyana, Rizky Billar also asked for certainty about the relationship with Lesty Kejora.

“Uncle Rizky’s father-to-be, right?” said Billar fishing.

“Amen, uh, use it again,” said Endang.

“Are we serious or joking?” Billar asked Lesty.

“What the hell, turn off the camera then,” replied Lesty laughing.

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