Often called BOBOHO SUMO fat, this man prepares a week-long plan to end his victim’s life. . .

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The sadistic murder incident was carried out by a man, Ali Heri Sanjaya. To the police, Ali admitted that he was often made fun of by Rosidah, who was her co-worker at a restaurant. Ali is called fat.

Also from his confession, Ali admitted that he was annoyed because he was often compared to a sumo athlete to a young Mandarin film artist who played the figure of Boboho.

“So, starting from Pak Tris’s stall, the perpetrator was often insulted by the words fat, stupid, sumo to economic difficulties. He is also hurt,” said Banyuwangi Police Chief Kombespol Arman Asmara Syarifudin as quoted from Suara.com, Tuesday, January 28, 2021.

Then, explained Arman, the perpetrator prepared a plan for one week to end the victim’s life. He was determined to carry out the action on Friday, January 24, 2021.

Initially, the two of them were going home from work in the afternoon. The victim brought a Honda Beat motorbike which is now evidence. While in the middle of the road, the perpetrator gave a signal to come along and asked to take him back to the perpetrator’s mother’s house,” he said again.

“Then, in alternating journeys, initially the perpetrator brought a motorbike, then the victim was in front. When in a place that is now a crime scene, the perpetrator asked to stop and the motorbike was standardized,” he said.

The perpetrator got down, then hit the victim’s left neck until he fainted. To make sure he died, the perpetrator pressed the left neck with force then carried him to a place to a small bamboo pile or lanjar then left him to buy gasoline.

“After returning, gasoline was then sprinkled all over the body and the pile of bamboo was then burned with a match. Then, the perpetrator left the victim without confirming whether it was completely burned or not,” said Arman.

After h did the action, said Arman, the perpetrator sold the victim’s motorbike and cellphone. Motorcycles are sold to residents in Situbondo Regency for Rp. 4 million and cellphones are sold for Rp. 1.3 million.


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