#Protect_TXT and #BighitProtectsYourArtists are trending on Twitter, here’s why! | Kpop Chart

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The hashtags #Protect_TXT and #BighitProtectsYourArtists have recently become trending topics on Twitter.

The protest action held by the MOAs began when a video circulated showing TXT members while being swarmed by fans and journalists.

In the video circulating among fans, TXT members are seen in an uncomfortable position when surrounded by many people holding cameras and chasing them when they walk into the car, causing a shoving action.

That’s why many fans regret the lack of a security team from the Big Hit Music agency to keep TXT members out of the crowd. So they demanded that the agency provide more protection for the safety of the artist.

As of this writing, the hashtags #Protect_TXT and #BighitProtectsYourArtists are still at the top of Twitter’s trending topics list. (1NEWS)

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