PT LIB is still looking for the right formula for the League 2 title

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PT LIB Masih Cari Formula yang Tepat Buat Gelar...

ACCURATE.CO The 2021/22 League 1 competition officially started on Friday 27 August 2021 yesterday. After that, PT LIB as the competition operator prepared to hold Liga 2.

League 2 supporters seem to still have to be more patient considering there is no certainty when the competition title can be held.

Unfortunately, the League 2 kick-off couldn’t roll right away because it was still hampered by the current pandemic situation. LIB admitted that they are still looking for the right format for Liga 2 if they want to continue to be held in the midst of a pandemic.

PT LIB also currently still has to consult with PSSI first in order to find the right formula.

LIB’s director of operations, Sudjarno, said that his party would still try to get Liga 2 back on in September.

“Of course we are prepared for this problem. If I predict or estimate I can arrive in the third week of September. In the middle of the month, we will hold it in September,” said Sudjarno.

“Because we have to coordinate with the federation, their federation’s decision will give what format, when and when with the plan that we give to the federation of course,” he added.

Location of Liga 2 Meanwhile, LIB’s Managing Director, Akhmad Hadian Lukita expressed about the description of the system and location of the implementation of League 2.

“Of course with this bubble system there are still several possibilities regarding the location. It could be in Kalimantan, it could be in Sumatra. But we don’t know yet,” said Lukita.

Even so, he added that all this was not certain. It is still in talks with clubs that want to host.

“Regarding the host, we will give the clubs the latest conditions. Do we think they want us to give a re-offer,” he concluded.

Previously, the kick-off seconds of the competition always ended with a delay since Covid-19 entered Indonesia at the beginning of the 2020 season, the competition did not roll at all.

Later, League 1 and 2 were finally decided to continue to be held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This competition was held by implementing strict health protocols, one of which was to limit supporters from watching directly to the location of the match.[]


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