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The Process of Occurring Days Without Shadows

In Jakarta, a day without a shadow of the sun can be observed at 11.39 WIB, October 9, 2021. Then how can this phenomenon of a day without a shadow occur?

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“When the sun’s position is above Indonesia, there is no shadow formed by an upright, hollow object at midday, so this phenomenon can be called a day without a sun’s shadow,” said Andi.

He said that Indonesia stretches from 6 degrees north latitude to 11 degrees south latitude and is divided by the equator.

“With this geographical location, the sun will be above Indonesia twice a year. The first time the sun will be above Indonesia in 2021 will occur at the end of February to early April 2021. The second will occur between September 6 and October 21, 2021,” said Andi.

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