Suddenly, a man tries to rape a cellphone counter employee in the bathroom. .

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A man was beaten by a resident of Pasuruan for trying to rape a cell phone counter employee in the bathroom. Attempted rape occurred while the victim was ablution.

The video of a man being beaten by a resident has gone viral on social media. The circulating video is 2 minutes 10 seconds long. The Instagram account @andreli48 captioned ‘This Youth is Beaten by Residents After Trying to Rape the Counter Guard’.

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In the video, it appears that the recorder is one of the buyers at the counter. The video begins with the sound of a woman screaming in the bathroom on the counter. The loud scream invited the locals to enter the counter and head for the bathroom.

A resident tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked from the inside. Knowing the door was locked, other residents climbed onto the roof of the bathroom and immediately broke through the roof with their feet. The man then went into the bathroom and opened the door which was locked from the inside.

Several people then dragged an unknown man from the bathroom. The man in shorts and a green shirt was immediately beaten. Meanwhile, the sound of women’s cries continued to be heard from inside the bathroom. The man in the green shirt could only protect his head from the blows of the citizens. He was dragged outside.

“Just take it out, don’t go inside the counter. Police, police. Take it to the police. This rape,” shouted residents as in the video seen

This condition invites more and more people to come. At the same time, the cries of women from the bathroom continued to be heard.

“Lur’s sexual harassment occurred. In Bangil District, Pasuruan Regency. At 12.44 WIB, sexual harassment occurred,” said the man who recorded the video.

Bangil Police Chief Kompol Indro Susetiyo confirmed that the incident in the video took place at one of the cell phone counters in Bangil District. It happened Sunday (22/8/2021).

“Yes, that happened yesterday. The perpetrator was taken to the police station. It’s true that the victim was a counter employee who was in the bathroom,” said Indro.

The victim is NLZ (23), a resident of Beji District. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the attempted rape of H (17) is a resident of Rembang District.

“It is suspected that the perpetrator will carry out an attempted rape as referred to in Article 53 Jo 285 of the Criminal Code,” explained Indro.

The chronology of the victim urinated in the bathroom counter. The door is closed but not locked. After urinating, the victim takes ablution water. At that time the perpetrator went straight to the bathroom,” he added.

Without further ado, the perpetrators of the attempted rape of a cell phone counter employee rushed into the bathroom

No one thought about the actions of the perpetrators. The man from the Rembang sub-district suddenly stepped into the bathroom. Other counter employees and some customers noticed the perpetrator’s actions when the victim screamed.

“From the outside, go straight to the counter and go to the bathroom. There’s no pretending to buy a cellphone or anything, just go in,” he continued.

The police examined the perpetrator’s psyche. “For the suspect, based on the initial examination, there are signs of being unwell, both physically and spiritually. Information on his family is also that the suspect is not healthy on a daily basis. So we will first check at the Lawang Hospital,” he explained.

Due to the alleged unsanitary condition of the perpetrator, the police have not yet received a clue about the motive for the attempted rape, even though there are many people.

“We have not led to the examination of the suspect because of his condition,” said Indro.


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