The Compact 10 Family Photos of Artists in the Past and Present. Can be imitated for keepsake

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Capturing the moment in the form of a photo becomes a special memory when viewed in the future. Every photo has a story that makes someone nostalgic. Moreover, if the photo shoot is done with the whole family. Like the following line of artists, old photos of his family were revealed to the media. Some look confused and some even look very similar to their parents.

They shared the portrait on social media as a keepsake. Especially in the digital era like now, without being printed, photos can be stored neatly. So how about the old portraits of the artist’s family that are shared? Here’s a row of charms.

1. The second of three children, this is a portrait of the Arya Saloka family in ancient times. Compact wearing traditional clothes, the Aldebaran actor doesn’t look much different, huh~

Arya Saloka Family | Credits; Instagram @aryasaloka

2. Had been the President Commissioner of Garuda Indonesia, the family photo of Triawan Munaf and Luki Ariani managed to steal the attention. Look, there’s Sherina there with a charming smile

Sherina Munaf’s Family | Credits; Instagram @triawanmunaf

3. The families of Jeremy Thomas and Ina Indayanti are known to be harmonious. Axel Matthew and Valerie also followed in their parents’ footsteps. Until now they are active in the Indonesian entertainment industry

Jeremy Thomas Family | Credit: Instagram @inathomas

4. This one moment may not be forgotten by Ifan Seventeen, his parents, sister and twin. Even though it’s hard to tell Ifan and Riedhan apart, their old photos can still make you nostalgic~

Ifan Seventeen’s Family | Credits;’ Instagram @ifanseventeen

5. Yuni Shara and Krisdayanti spent their childhood in East Java. This black and white portrait of his family holds unforgettable memories. Reminder of parents!

Yuni Shara and Krisdayanti Family | Credit: Instagram @yunishara

6. Waiting for the birth of his first baby with Felicya Angelista, this is how cute Caesar Hito looks like wearing Javanese traditional clothes for a family photo. Excited!

Caesar Hito’s Family | Credit: Instagram @caesarhito

7. Dimas Beck’s handsome face has emanated from his childhood. This photo with the family in all black looks sweet and makes you feel giddy

Dimas Beck Family | Credits; Instagram @dimasbeck

8. Raline Shah once shared an old photo of her family on Instagram. The 36-year-old woman is the eldest of 3 siblings

Raline Shah’s Family | Credits; Instagram @ralineshah

9. Memories of Dona Agnesia and family at Midodareni night. This photo was taken the day before his wedding to Darius Sinathrya in 2006, lo

Dona Agnesia’s Family | Credit: Instagram @donagnesia

10. If this one is like a areca nut, it is cut in half. Muren Murdjoko Jasmedi’s face is very similar to Maudy Ayunda now. Always warm and harmonious

Maudy Ayunda’s Family | Credit: Instagram @maudyayunda

So, those are the moments of the artist with his family that were caught on camera. Photos are a way to treat longing for the past. If you still keep old photos neatly?


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