The public was amazed that she made, viral changes in a woman before and after knowing skincare

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In this life, there will definitely be a phase where a person changes. Whether it’s his nature, behavior, or appearance.

Everything goes with time. As depicted in the story of the transformation of a woman who owns a TikTok account @Ranaaa2511. In the past, Rana lived her day as an ordinary girl who was indifferent and indifferent to her appearance.

Let alone appearing in cool and contemporary clothes, don’t even apply makeup. The main shutter appears innocently as it is, as in the photo below.

Until finally, Rana started getting to know skincare. Since then he has taken care of his body, and has also gone on a diet to get the ideal body.

Unexpectedly, this effort yielded sweet results. Not only did she get a slim body, but also a beautiful face and glowing white skin.

Netizens who were amazed by this change immediately left comments of praise.

Some even call his face similar to the beautiful artist Adhisty Zara.

“At first glance it looks like Zara,” said one netizen.

“The change can be really drastic,” said the netizen in surprise.

“Glow up winner for today,” another netizen praised.

“I guarantee that his lowly school friends are crazy now,” said another netizen, launching

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