The skincare products have not been protested by BPOM, Tegar Septian’s wife: Need big money – 1NEWS

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Tegar Septian's wife uploads

Sarah Sheilka, Tegar Septian’s wife, gave a response when netizens protested because the skincare products she sells have not been registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). Sarah uploaded a screenshot containing direct message (DM) from the netizen in his Instagram Stories.

The mother of one then explained the reason why the beauty products she sells do not have BPOM. Will he sue the netizens? Check out the following reviews.

Septian’s tough wife about BPOM

Tegar Septian’s wife, Sarah Sheilka, received protests from netizens regarding the beauty products she sells. The netizen protested with harsh words in Sarah’s Instagram DM.

“If you have a product that is BPOM be**, there is no morals, right, you have skincare that has not been BPOM but has been circulated,“said the netizen launching Instagram Stories Sarah Sheilka on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

Responding to the statement, Sarah Sheilka explained that the products she sells do not have BPOM. However, all the ingredients that he mixes into beauty products are safe and have BPOM. The woman with a four-year age difference with Tegar also explained that managing BPOM for a product requires a large amount of money.

Uploaded by Tegar Septian’s wife. Source: Instagram

“Alhamdulillah, my products do not use hazardous materials, indeed the products themselves do not have BPOM, but we use materials that have BPOM. Taking care of BPOM requires a lot of money, just pray that BPOM will be able to quickly, please pray for the good, not insult each other, “he said.

When the netizen threatened to collect evidence that the product she was selling was dangerous, Sarah Sheilka didn’t mind. Instead, he asked the netizen to send proof of his statement.

If you can’t take care of BPOM, you don’t have to sell it, I say. The danger is your skincare, I’ve gathered the evidence, just be careful,“said the netizen.

In the statement, the woman from Garut, West Java regretted the netizen’s attitude. Sarah should have said, the netizen prayed that her sustenance would be smooth and not insulting.

“Alhamdulillah, while selling skincare, no one has ever complained about anything. Indeed, my product has not been BPOM but we use materials that have BPOM. People pray so that the sustenance will run smoothly so that they can take care of BPOM, this is really bad,” he said.

Sarah going to the police?

It didn’t stop there, the netizens also reminded Sarah Sheilka to be careful in acting. Because he said, the products sold by the singer’s wife The Me That Was Before Is Not The One Now it spoils the face. Sarah also asked the account owner to send a photo in the form of proof of purchase of the product.

“If you can’t make skincare that is safe from BPOM, you don’t have to do anything, what are you thinking? Buy it with money, but it’s your turn to use it to damage your face, be careful when you act,” said the netizen earlier.

“Where are you trying to send proof of purchase, photos of products that have been used,” said Sarah.

Tegar Septian and Sarah Sheilka
Source: Sarah Sheilka’s Instagram

Furthermore, Sarah also admitted that she already knew where the netizen lived. He did not hesitate to sue the netizens if his words were not proven true.

“Oh, yes, ma’am, I have traced your address, so if there is no evidence, I don’t hesitate to sue. Please send the evidence here to make it clear. It’s okay, sis, just relax, I already know how come your address is. It’s been tracked, even though using a fake account, but the address can’t be faked, right?,” concluded Sarah Sheilka, Tegar Septian’s wife.

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