The Tragic Story of a 13-Year-Old Boy Buried Alive Aunt & Uncle, Trampled When Inserted in a Hole

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The tragic story of two brothers in Kuansing, Riau Province.

Two children, ML 13 years old and his sister, AL 11 years old, became victims of the violence of their uncles and aunts.

The two of them became an outlet for the aunt’s revenge on the parents of the two boys.

The aunt took revenge on her parents for the murder case committed by the father of the two children.

The aunt’s old husband is known to have been killed by the father of the two children.

ML, 13 years old, was found to have become a skeleton while AL suffered serious injuries such as a broken nose and damaged vital organs.

According to AL’s narrative, his older brother, ML, was buried alive by his aunt and uncle.

The day before being buried alive, ML’s finger was cut off by the perpetrators and asked to sleep outside the house.

ML was buried alive in a rubber plantation area.

This is based on the Navy’s testimony which tells of all the tortures that he and his brother have experienced so far.

At least it took more than a year for the boy to tell everything that had happened.

ML is said to have been buried alive by her aunt DL (27) and her husband, BNZ (27) in December 2019.

However, the Navy victim only told the remaining families in May 2021.

The incident was experienced by two children in the village of Jake, District, Central Kuantan, Kuansing, Riau.

In his statement to the police, the victim’s sister said that the victim often received violence from her aunt or aunt with her husband.

“And when he was buried his brother was still alive,” said Kuansing Police Chief AKBP Henky Pierwanto in his statement quoted by from Tribun Pekanbaru, Wednesday (9/6/2021).

Armed with the narrative of the victim AL, the police then dug at the mentioned point, which is in the middle of the community’s rubber plantation area, which is about 150 meters from the hut they live in.

After being dug up, a white plastic sack was found and green pants were found.

In the sack, a human skeleton was found, as described by the victim’s sister.

Armed with the discovery of the body, the police immediately moved to find the two suspected perpetrators.

Initial information stated that the two alleged perpetrators were at PT Cahaya Amal Gemilang, Rohil Regency.

When the police arrived, it turned out that the two had already moved.

The two alleged perpetrators were finally arrested at a rubber plantation on the Suligi hill, District IIIX Koto Kampar, Kampar.

From the results of the initial interrogation of both the perpetrator and the victim, it was found that the violent treatment of the two victims had been going on since 2019.

The violence received by the two victims is like the two alleged perpetrators often hitting the two victims with wood.

The alleged perpetrator DL ​​himself stabbed the genitals of the two victims with coals.

Hit the victim’s mouth and teeth with a hammer.

The alleged perpetrators of BNZ also often provide food in the form of human waste taken from a Water Closed (WC) hole.

The Navy victim himself was beaten by the alleged perpetrator DL ​​using fiber so that he suffered a broken nose bone.

The day before the victim ML died, the alleged perpetrator DL ​​cut the victim’s finger and told the victim to sleep outside the hut.

The next day, the victim was allegedly unconscious but still breathing.

Then the two perpetrators put the victim in a sack and buried her behind the hut at a distance of approximately 150 meters while still alive (breathing).

Due to the small grave dug less than 100 cm x 50 cm so that the victim ML was forcibly buried by stomping so that the victim’s body would fit in the hole.

Perpetrator’s Motive

Tuesday afternoon (8/6/2021), Kuansing Police released the disclosure of cases of violence that resulted in loss of life.

Kuansing Police Chief AKBP Henky Poerwanto SIK, MM accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Boy Marudut SH and other Kuansing Polres who released it directly.

It is ML, female, 13 years old, the victim who died.

He died as a result of repeated violence.

Repeated violence was also experienced by the victim’s sister, AL, female, 11 years old.

He suffered serious injuries, a broken nose and many scars on his body.

ML and AL themselves are brothers and sisters.

The two suspected perpetrators in the ML murder case are DL, 27 years old and BNZ, 27 years old.

BNZ itself is DL’s new husband.

Apparently, the sadistic murder of ML has an element of revenge.

It has something to do with the sadistic murder of DL’s previous husband, IH, which occurred in December 2018.

“Based on the description of the perpetrator DL, the act of violence was carried out based on the motive of having an element of revenge against the victim’s parents,” said Kuansing Police Chief AKBP Henky Poerwanto, Tuesday (6/8/2021).

Currently, the victim’s parents, BL, are serving a prison sentence.

He was sentenced to life in early October 2019 by the Teluk Kuantan District Court.

After the victim’s father was sentenced, the two victims were taken care of by DL, who is his aunt.

The mother of the two victims herself had long passed away.

It turns out that DL still holds a grudge against the victim’s parents.

So that DL with her new husband continued to torture the victim until the victim ML sadistically died.


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