There are always penalties in the first three games of Liga 1 2021/2022, the latest is Bhayangkara FC

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10 Photos of Bewar Abdullah, a man who looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo

“Whether it’s a rude player or a whistle-blowing referee, the fact is that penalties are easy to give.”

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1NEWS – After Persik Kediri and Persita Tenggerang, another penalty was awarded to the referee to Bhayangkara FC when they met Persiraja Banda Aceh at the Indomilk Arena, Tangerang, Sunday (29/8/2021) night.

The first penalty was immediately born in the 12th minute of the opening match at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, Friday (27/8/2021). In this match, Persik was awarded a penalty kick by the referee, Yudi Nurcahya. The referee pointed to the spot because Melvin Platje pulled Arthur Felix.

Youssef Ezzejjari tried to execute that opportunity. Unfortunately, the Spanish striker’s kick of Moroccan descent could be countered by Wawan Hendrawan. Ezzejjari failed to take advantage of the rebound because his shot flew over the goal.

Controversy arose when Ezzejjari kicked the ball that Wawan had broken. The replay shows “Spiderwan” already moving across the line before Ezzejjari’s foot touched the ball. In regulation, it is clearly against and such a kick should be repeated.

The problem is, none of the Persik, Balinese, or the referees themselves were aware of Wawan’s movements. Peach also did not protest. Likewise, the assistant referee who is in the corner of the kick is carried out. In the end Bali won 1-0 through M Rahmat (83).

The day after the match, Persita managed to get a penalty when they beat Persipura Jayapura 2-1 at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong. The referee, Fariq Hitaba, gave the Swordsman Cisadane a penalty in the 15th minute after Donny Monim’s foul on Ahmad Nur Hadianto.

10 Photos of Bewar Abdullah, a man who looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo

Unlike Persik, Persita’s chance to score from the spot was immediately converted by Harrison Cardoso into a goal.

However, unlike Ezzejjari’s penalty which was thwarted by Wawan, Cardoso’s shot was clean and legal. What actually became controversial was at another moment. First, Ahmad Nur Hardianto’s goal at minute 21 was not approved by the referee because it was considered off side. In fact, reruns show on the side. In fact, a few steps behind the Persipura defense line.

Second, Persipura’s goal from Ukraine, Yevhen Bokhashvili, was not approved by Fariq. This goal stemmed from a kick that was about to be taken by Persita goalkeeper, Try Hamdani Goentara, in the 53rd minute. Bokhashvili came when the ball was in the hands of Tri who was about to take a long kick. However, he instead released the ball which was then grabbed by Bokhashvili and kicked into Persita’s goal.

Actually, the former PS Sleman striker did not interfere with the goalkeeper. That is, it is not something that should be considered a violation. However, the referee chose not to approve the goal because he considered Bokhashvili to have interfered.

After Persik and Persita, Bhayangkara also received a penalty. Ezechiel Ndouasel succeeded in converting the inauguration given by one of Persiraja’s players who had handball in the forbidden box. In the end, The Guardian beat Laskar Rencong 2-1.

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