This Elementary School Sister Struggles To Free Herself From The Embrace Of The Perpetrators, The Perpetrators Are Close People – 1NEWS

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Deep trauma was experienced by CS (10), a 4th grade elementary school (SD) student in Ogan Ilir Regency, South Sumatra (Sumsel), after being a victim of sexual abuse.

The perpetrator of the molestation turned out to be his closest person, BA (28), who was none other than his own neighbor in the South Pemulutan District of Ogan Ilir.

The Ogan Ilir Police Chief, AKBP Yusantiyo Sandhy, through the Ogan Ilir Police Headquarters, AKP Robi Sugara, revealed that the sexual abuse took place on October 6, 2020, which was finally reported by the victim’s parents to the Ogan Ilir Police.

The incident began when the victim walked alone from school to her house. Suddenly BA came riding his motorcycle.

The suspect offers the victim to get into his vehicle and will be escorted back to his home. Feeling familiar, CS also obeyed the suspect’s invitation.

On the way, the suspect steered his motorbike into the forest. BA reasoned that he would look for coconut leaves to make broom sticks.

“In the forest, they got off the motorbike. However, the suspect immediately grabbed the victim’s hand and forced the victim to sit on the ground,” he said.

The victim immediately screamed, but the suspect quickly silenced the 10-year-old boy’s mouth.

When the victim is helpless, the suspect commits an act of sexual abuse. Feeling threatened, the victim screamed again and tried to rebel.

“The victim fought and kicked the suspect. When the suspect fell, the victim immediately ran and headed to the house of one of his relatives, “said the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Ogan Ilir Police.

Hearing the victim’s story, his relatives immediately reported to the local village head and the victim’s parents.

The emotions of the CS family were unstoppable. They immediately went to the suspect’s residence in Ogan Ilir, but BA was not at his house.

After receiving a report from the victim’s family, the Ogan Ilir Police team immediately looked for BA’s whereabouts, but to no avail.

“We then received news that the suspect was already at his house. When the suspect was fast asleep, the PPA Unit officer led by Iptu Avif Pinarcoyo immediately arrested the suspect and took him to the Ogan Ilir Police Headquarters,” he said.

The suspect finally admitted his actions and was threatened with Article 82 Paragraph (1) Junto Article 76 E of Law Number 17 of 2016.

Namely about immoral acts against minors. The suspect faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

When interrogated, the suspect admitted his actions and regretted having committed an immoral act to the neighbor’s child.

“So far, I have been traveling around the Ogan Ilir harvesting area, not going anywhere. I’m sorry, I’m ashamed of my wife’s children,” he said, who works as a farmer every day.

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