This man’s story went viral, he was desperate to break through his girlfriend’s room when he wanted to marry another man

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Abandoned by a former marriage may still be understandable, but what if left behind by a lover who is still in a courtship relationship. Now this is the bitter thing faced by Azwar Anas Karaya, a young man from Mamasa, West Sulawesi.

The video showing her desperate to break through the bridal room and sobbing in the room was even viral on social media after it was uploaded by Facebook user Tasya Sweet.

As reported by, Azwar and his girlfriend, Hasni, have been dating for approximately 6 years. Like most young couples, the two of them also broke up and went through ups and downs. But it never occurred to Azwar, if the woman he loved chose to marry another man.

Even when he received this news, Azwar immediately departed from Mamasa for the girl’s residence, in Jeneponto, which was hundreds of kilometers away.

And when it was true that he found the bitter fact, Azwar spontaneously ran up to the bridal chamber, ignoring the invited guests.

Hasni, who couldn’t bear to see Azwar, also cried, and was immediately comforted by his relatives.

Kiki, his second partner, also did not expect Hasni’s marriage.

“It’s a shame that the two of them have been in a relationship for 6 years. The two sometimes break up in a love affair. But God has other plans for Azwar’s lover to marry another man,” he said.


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