Tips for Persib to Survive in the Middle of Difficult Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic | 1NEWS

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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the Indonesian football industry. For 17 months, the Indonesian professional football competition was suspended due to pageblug, which caused a major financial shock for Indonesian professional clubs.

Without competition, the income of the Indonesian football industry has stalled, some clubs have even been abandoned by sponsors.

Even so, there are also a number of teams that can still survive in difficult conditions.

Persib Bandung is one of the clubs that can survive in the midst of the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maung Bandung can still make commitments with companies or brands that are sponsors in the 2020 competition.

Instead of being left by a sponsor, Persib managed to attract the company as a new sponsor partner in May 2020.

The new sponsor is Telkomsel, which is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom).

It is interesting to know how Persib’s efforts or methods are in order to keep their financial condition stable.

Especially, in maintaining the trust of the sponsoring partners to continue to support the club called Maung Bandung.

Persib’s VP Partnership & Activation, Gabriella Witdarmono, revealed that the termination of the competition due to the Covid-19 pandemic was indeed very difficult for the club.

Not only Persib, but all clubs in Indonesia.

According to Gabi, Gabriella Witdarmono’s nickname, there are many challenges that the club must face in order to stabilize its financial condition during the halt of the competition.

“Yesterday, there were many challenges that had to be overcome. This is also the case with other clubs. However, we at Persib are still solid,” Gabi told reporters on Thursday (26/8/2021).

“Together, shoulder to shoulder between management, players, botoh, and sponsoring partners,” he continued.

Gabi continued, establishing good relations with sponsoring partners is one way for Persib to be able to maintain the trust of sponsors to Persib.

In addition, the commitment that exists between Persib and the sponsoring partners also highly upholds the value of professionalism.

This then made Persib able to maintain good relations with the sponsors.

“We have to do our best to deliver the hopes of these sponsors to Persib,” said Gabi.

“So, there are benefits that we can return to partners. Yes, back to the basic values ​​as a football club, the professionalism that we continue to uphold,” he continued.

Persib’s business strategy in increasing revenue

Regarding the business strategy that is being developed by Persib to break the team’s revenue, Gabi said that currently Persib is trying to exploit revenue through digital media and new technology.

According to Gabi, the presence of digital media is one of the platforms that has the potential to increase Persib team’s revenue.

This method is also commonly used by European clubs.

Liverpool FC, is an example of a team that has successfully utilized digital media to increase their income.

In 2019, Liverpool was named the team with the largest revenue through the digital platform YouTube.

Every month, the Reds earn an income of 663,940 dollars, or around Rp. 9.3 billion.

“From the traditional understanding of the football industry, the revenue can only be obtained through sponsors or media rights,” said Gabi.

“But now, there are more aspects that can be developed, one of which is through digital media and new technology,” he continued.

Navigating the 2021 Liga 1 competition, Persib is officially supported by 11 sponsoring partners.

The 11 sponsors of Persib this season are: Indofood, PermataBank Syariah, Intersport Soccer, ABC Coffee, Telkomsel, Mobil Pom Mikro, Halodoc, Indaco Warna Dunia, Panther Energy Drink, Didimax, and Sportama.

Gabi said the number of potential sponsors could increase.

Because, currently Persib is still communicating with a number of companies or brands that have the potential to become Maung Bandung’s sponsoring partners in this season’s competition.

“The number of sponsors is 11, there are still discussions with several potential partners, so there is a possibility to increase it,” said Gabi.


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