Ulama: Dhena Devanka and Jonathan Frizzy Cannot Divorce in Religious Court

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Dhena Devanka (Instagram)

1NEWS – The public is still curious about the household chaos of the couple Dhena Devanka and Jonathan Frizzy (Ijonk). Before marriage, Dhena Devanka was Muslim. Then he converted to Christianity following Ijonk’s beliefs and was baptized in 2011 before finally getting married on May 27, 2012 with a Christian marriage blessing.

Dhenna and Ijonk which is blessed with 3 children, for years it was quite calm and there was no sound of problems in their household. However, in the last few months, there have been many issues of conflict occurring in their household.

Benny Simanjuntak, Ijonk’s uncle, revealed two reasons that made Ijonk-Dhena conflict. First, Dhena is considered to be playing with religion. In order to get married, Dhena Devanka promised to follow the Ijonk religion. The promise was even spoken by the mother of three in front of the Ijonk family. But recently Dhena returned to her old religion.

Dhena Devanka (Instagram)

Dhena finally registered a divorce suit, not to the District Court as usual and according to the provisions of the law, that marriages outside the Islamic religion, divorce claims can only be done through the District Court. Dhena actually registered a divorce lawsuit through the Religious Courts, as if her marriage to Ijonk was carried out in an Islamic way and registered with the KUA.

According to the Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission of Bogor City, KH. Khotimi Bahri, S.Ag, MP, if a husband and wife marry in a way outside of Islam, of course they cannot divorce in the Religious Courts, but in the District Courts. Although it is true that one of the couples, both the wife and husband are Muslims.

“The PA does not take care of divorce other than Islam, which means that religious beliefs must be separated from the place of divorce. So there are two things here, divorce still has to be handled in the District Court because the rules are like that,” said Kiai Khotimi.

For the case of Dhena and Ijonk, because married outside of Islam, it will never be recognized by Islam and the Religious Courts, even though it is said that Dhena has now returned to being a Muslim. Therefore, according to state law, divorce must be registered through the District Court.

Of course, the question is, why did Dhena register for divorce through the Religious Courts?


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